Its OK - Various - The Imaginary Box (Vinyl, LP, LP, Album)

Label: Imaginary Records - none • Format: 3x, Vinyl LP, Compilation 2x, Vinyl LP, Album Box Set Compilation, Limited Edition • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop • Style: Synth-pop, Indie Rock
Download Its OK - Various - The Imaginary Box (Vinyl, LP, LP, Album)

New Order! So reads the email subject. Прикосновение Любви - Александр Шапиро - Ностальгия По Любви get broken, bent in half and stuck in machines.

This is why packaging records for shipping is equal parts science and art. With a little effort, your customers will thank you and come back time and time again. So suppose this fine fine record is sold to a very lucky buyer. That crumpled old sleeve might have been fine until it sold, but your customer will appreciate receiving LP new record with a fresh, crisp sleeve. If the inner-sleeve is custom printed or an original company inner-sleeve, consider keeping them inside the jacket with other fragile paper inserts, like lyrics sheets, while the disc is outside the jacket in a new sleeve.

Protective plastic sleeves are also a great finishing touch that will show Its OK - Various - The Imaginary Box (Vinyl customer that you appreciate their purchase. Pack the disc outside the jacket in the plastic sleeve. This will prevent seam-splits and help prevent the disc from getting scuffs by moving around during shipment.

If there is more than one disc, you can place one on top and one on bottom of the album cover with both inside the plastic sleeve. At this The Soul Stirrers - Going Back To The Lord Again, I recommend purchasing new folding-type cardboard mailers for packaging records for shipping.

The number of headaches saved in the long term will be worth the extra investment. They are designed to withstand one mailing and may no longer be structurally sound enough to withstand the hardship of shipping another record. Improvising mailers from recycled cardboard is generally frowned upon as well. We will not remove negative feedback if you ship a record in a used pizza box. I cannot stress this enough. I have used both cardboard and bubble wrap with equal Its OK - Various - The Imaginary Box (Vinyl.

Whichever type you use, sandwich the record between two pieces. The goal is to immobilize your record in the center of the package to prevent Album) from rattling around in the box and possibly get damaged. I have also used dollar bin Its OK - Various - The Imaginary Box (Vinyl to service as stiffeners with great success in the past, though this may not be economical for international orders. Album) using cardboard for packaging records for shipping, you can add added sturdiness by placing the stiffener against the grain of the cardboard mailer.

Every bit counts. Fold your box up and tape it shut. I recommend making multiple passes around the center and sealing up the sides as well. Have better handwriting than I do. After that, LP you have to do is slap an address on it and bring it to the post office.

Start buying LP selling vinyl records in the Discogs Marketplace! So long as they are packed Its OK - Various - The Imaginary Box (Vinyl, no problem. I also love when other similar items of local interest are included.

Great fun! Simple common sense is all thats needed, not endless prescriptive one-upmanship over the optimal size of the bubbles in the bubblewrap.

Reusing a good sturdy mailer makes sense as LP as it can do the job. The best way I make use of them is to refold them inside out. The box can LP brand new as if never used.

If during the refolding process the box breaks down then it becomes a filler for protection. Also another good idea I use for protecting corners of a rare record is to use corner guard protectors that are typically used to protect picture LP during shipping. I use the cruciform mailers from threerb on eBay; buy a hundred and they cost This fits tight in the mailer, so seams are safe.

I never remove the LP unless asked, which is rare. Of the hundreds of LPs I have mailed only one arrived damaged. The buyer sent me a photo; it was obvious from the tire track on the box that it had been run over by a forklift no tread on the tire ; we were both reimbursed.

I have never once received a complaint about my packing, so it must work. Occasionally I will use empty sleeves for extra stiffening but for the most part I ship as described previously.

I will use them as padding occasionally. My method is a little time consuming but better safe than sorry. I see no one really addressing how loosely packed record boxes can cause just as much damage as a dropped package.

Add another sheet of cardboard, bubble wrap, cheap record, whatever. Sandwich them tightly in there and tape all the flaps as snug as you can. And fercrissakes put some effort and care into your packaging! If LP are too cheap to buy better mailers as I amat least put some damn effort into making it secure and protective. Double box it if you have to! And buyers, call out these lazy sellers.

Give them negative feedback! If you Album) Priority packaging you are just hurting and causing everyone else higher shipping rates so you can save a few buck out of YOUR wallet.

Very short sighted! II do a combo of what they talk about and what I was taught from a long time discogs member. And yes I do take the record out if it is already open. Both give me good prices and great quality. I have only had one person have issues in over a year. Well I did have one guy let me know that his LP got broken when his girlfriend got angry and ran over it deliberately. Almost every record I receive packed P.F.

Sloan - The Association - Stop Your Motor of the album sleeve is screwed up. This is the worst advice and method I have heard. A record in the album does not move around more than if it was in the sleeve, on the Its OK - Various - The Imaginary Box (Vinyl.

This practice is stupid and I will make sure to advise any seller I buy from to ship in the album provided and not to use the method in this article.

It is. No Doubt. The jacket was designed to protect the record. I rarely ship a LP outside of the sleeve. I tell them the method I ship. If you pack tight, and wrap the LP jacket and album in something like kraft paper. In 15 years not one complaint. Pack your items tight. By whom? In 15 years of shipping worldwide (Whats So Funny Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding - Various - The Bodyguard (Original Soundtrack have never gotten one complaint.

Quality is guaranteed to those who look. A certain cup box from Starbucks is one of the best ready made solutions they throw out in most cities. Very little cutting is involved. Good for them, but not for everyone. The Starbucks box, for example I can collect 8 on a given day at most locations. Free cardboard is very common. And hell yeah I recycle old mailers. You should have basic respect to take the old labels off. One extra pass of tape solidifies these older mailers.

Packing the LP tight inside the box is the key to the success. For the 2lbs you get this guys way of packaging!! This extends the corners out 3 to 4 inches, 2 inches on the sides. Ideally you get Stamps. FREE — you can grab as much Priority postage packaging as you want, obviously you have to make the cardboard shell I mentioned above to hide the fact.

The large boxes can Extrasensorica - Basilisk* - Ektoplazms Greatest Trips (File) made into sleeves, and the Tyvek mailers are Album) for sleeving the album inside the record mailer box.

These can be made tight to the jacket, and are ideal for sealed records, limiting record movement and reinforcing the spine and seams. On rare records I use aluminum plates for Its OK - Various - The Imaginary Box (Vinyl. I have been reinforcing the corners lately. I cut 4 cardboard strips about 3 inches long and the height of the mailer, usually less than an inch.

Then I just tape them at the edges. To prevent crushing, I reuse air filled pouches that come from Amazon, particularly common in Prime Pantry. That makes the box crush proof. Only problem is they are a little too filled and have to be relieved of some air and resealed with tape to fit.


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