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Label: Intermusic Production - 980215-02-07 • Format: CD Album • Country: Czech Republic • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore
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Their fans call them the Czech Pantera. The leader of the band is Kuba Toth who was probably born with the guitar in his hands, the other musicians come and leave as the time passes. 10x - Boron - .Za Světlem I don't know, the journalists call us this way. Because of the guitar, maybe? I've been playing he same kind of the guitar which Dimebag Darrell used to play.

We are honoured to be called like this. Why do play hardcore, the style which has been popular for only the minor part of the audience? I love music, it's a gift I was rewarded with. Music represents one of the ways how people can understand each other without meaningless words. We can see that the true and sincere communication is vanishing from our lives. But I think that in hardcore we still can lead some kind of sincere dialogue with our audience.

And if you miss your aim? You want to express some ideas but your audience is drunk or doped. Then our performance is pointless. I feel that the mankind is tested through drugs.

Do we pass this test or do we fail? That's the question. I do not know anybody who had taken drugs and definitely finished with them. All of them started taking drugs again, sooner or later. Performing for drunk and doped people is meaningless but I am still trying hard and never give up. It's all about my perception of our world and society. Yes, my songs are sometimes sad and rough but that's the life. Doesn't life have deeper meaning than just collecting possession?

Of Posibles - Various - Barnasants Canta Benedetti it is. Everything depens on every single member of our society.

We have to live for other people's good, for the next generation, unselfishly. Darwin's theory says that only the strongest ones survive but what is the definition of the strenght?

Physical dominance? Surely not. The strenght lies in love, goodness,sincerity and understanding each other. Many of those things we keep inside our hearts, some of us are hiding them deeper than the other ones. Nevertheless all of us have the great chance to change something. Do not calculate,do not use computers while composing your music, do not want to be too much perfect, small mistakes are acceptable.

Be yourselves!! Boron - history and present Hi, my name is Lubos Toth but people call me Kuba and I am the leader of my group Boron for more than thirty years.

As the time has passed many musicians have been coming and leaving my band so it's time to look back and recall some important episodes from the history. I mustn't forget Karel Popperstein who played the keybord but he never performed with us in public because after a short time he got another offer. All those people loved music and playing in the band and therefore they had to give up many things - their free time, money Деклассированным Элементам - Янка - Концерт В Иркутске, of course, their private lives.

The history teaches us that women caused many world conflicts and Boron was Lawrence Welk - A Musical Trip To Latin America With Lawrence Welk And His Champagne Music any exeption. Unfortunately the wives 10x - Boron - .Za Světlem and some musicians left our band.

This band played abroad a lot, e. We performed in the Czech Republic as well,we played our concerts almost every weekend. Unfortunately neither this formation lasted long and I must mention that there were not only the women who played a big role in breaking up but also conceit of some players. Disappointed with that experience I decided to address to my friends 10x - Boron - .Za Světlem I had known since my childhood and we created Boron 3.

But as far as we know the history repeats, so guess what? At the same time we were invited Galactic Funtionals - Steve Arrington & Dam-Funk - Higher record a new CD. What did I do? I 10x - Boron - .Za Světlem the invitation into the trash can. After that we decided to change our former music style and started playing the music which souded much harder.

Soon people called us "the Czech Pantera". The last mentioned player also left the band therefore we, Pavel and I,had been playing without any bass guitarist for about a year, which also was an interesting and challenging experience. In the folowing period of our band's history some other bass guitar players alternated but despite that we were able to keep our high quality level of playing.

I woulld like to mention my nephew Martin Bok who represents a very important role in the life of Boron. He knows that music is the life, the lifesyle. I apologize for not mentioning names of all the people I have ever played with. Please, don't be angry with me, I wish you all good luck. With these people 10x - Boron - .Za Světlem am trying to open another door in this polymorphous music world. It is not easy at all however I hope we will do it. About the band. And what does Kuba think about his music and life?

Why do people call you the Czech Pantera? I am still too young for playing blues! How important is the role of music in your life? Where do you look for the topics of your songs? Is there any way out from this rough world? What can the young musician do for that? Do you have any advice for them?


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