Acoustic Guitar Finger Style - Alan Parsons & Stephen Court - Sound Check

Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab - SPCD 15 • Series: Original Master Recording • Format: CD Compilation 24kt Gold Plated Disc • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Rock, Non-Music, Classical, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Electro
Download Acoustic Guitar Finger Style - Alan Parsons & Stephen Court - Sound Check

The disc has been designed not only to help assess the technical performance of a wide range Self Control - Quant - Getting Out sound recording and reproducing equipment, but also to offer the best available musical, vocal and effects sources for experimentation and demonstration. System response can be plotted and graphic equalisers can be set by reading each band on The Sound Check Response Analyser or a conventional sound level meter.

Track 1 is Acoustic Guitar Finger Style - Alan Parsons & Stephen Court - Sound Check reference tone and lasts 30 seconds. All other tracks in this section are at the reference level and last 10 seconds. Tracks 1kHz reference tone, 20Hz, 25Hz, Track 33 is a 1kHz reference tone lasting Acoustic Guitar Finger Style - Alan Parsons & Stephen Court - Sound Check seconds.

Monitoring equipment should be set to a useful working volume and measuring equipment set to read 0dB. All other tones in this section are at the reference level.

Phase checks are on Index 2, where appropriate, in 5 second bursts. Track 41 is the reference warble and lasts 20 seconds. The sweeps are in one octave sections down from 1kHz and in one octave sections up from 1kHz - for easier frequency identification. The square wave spot frequencies are also useful for bandwidth assessment and loudspeaker phase and time alignment. Track 45 is the reference tone, lasting 10 seconds.

All other tones in this section are 10 seconds. All sine waves are at the reference level, dB FS. The square waves are at dB FS.

Before Sound Check came along, a good, unprocessed voice recording was very difficult to obtain, especially under test conditions. These 4 tracks provide that reference and start with Alan Parsons' spoken voice. The rarely available dry, uncompressed voice of Luciano Pavarotti recorded live and Soprano Catherine Bott in a natural acoustic together with the dynamic voice of rock singer Steve Oveland complete this section of valuable reference recordings.

Rock and Pop engineers will find track 62 an ideal test source for limiters and compressors. They contain subtle transients which define true high fidelity and which are often lost in the reverberation and processing of commercial records. These tracks are therefore invaluable for assessing the transient response and fidelity of audio equipment and for experimentation with effects units. These are original studio master recordings and in some cases intrument overspill may be heard.

Track Piano stereo Track Acoustic steel-strung guitar - finger style mono Track Acoustic steel-strung guitar - strummed mono Track Nylon strung Spanish guitar mono Track Electric guitar - clean sound mono Track Electric guitar - distorted rock sound mono Track Bass guitar mono Track Flute mono Track Saxophone mono Track Bongos mono Track Tambourine mono Track Kick drum mono Track Snare drum mono Track Cymbals and hi-hat stereo Track Toms stereo Track Garde-Fou - Zone Libre - PolyUrbaine drum kit stereo Track Violins stereo -1st violins panned left, 2nd violins paned right Track Cellos and violas stereo - starting with cellos only panned right, joined by violas panned left Track Woodwind emsemble stereo MUSIC TRACKS Extracts from selected master recordings, specially selected to assess the various qualities of loudspeakers and sound equipment.

Limelight, for example, has a very even frequency and dynamic balance throughout the audio spectrum and therefore Acoustic Guitar Finger Style - Alan Parsons & Stephen Court - Sound Check an ideal reference for overall sound quality. By contrast, Luv 4 Luv contains extremely high bass and sub sonic energy and is an ideal test for low frequency loudspeakers and their power amplifiers. Track Luv 4 Luv by Robin S. Track Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor.

Daniel Chorzempa, organ. Track Rigalleto transcription by Liszt. Jean Yves Thibaudet, piano. The steam trains, the sub machine gun and the Chieftain tank Banzai Pipeline - Henry Mancini - Uniquely Mancini historical analogue recordings which have been digitally re-mastered.

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