Acrobat Reel - George Wade And His Cornhuskers - Acrobat Reel / Waltz Quadrille (Shellac)

Download Acrobat Reel - George Wade And His Cornhuskers - Acrobat Reel / Waltz Quadrille (Shellac)

For example, I use abc2win and abcNavigator 2 with no problems whatsoever with direct cut-and-pasting. For concertina. Or, get a copy of Acrobat Reel - George Wade And His Cornhuskers - Acrobat Reel / Waltz Quadrille (Shellac) 2 — its well worth it.

D Major. Standard tuning. MacDonald The Skye Collection; pg. T:Aberarder Rant. Scottish, Strathspey. G Minor.

Composed by Niel Gow Carlin The Gow Collection; No. Gow Fifth Collection of Strathspey Reels; pg. T:Abercairney House [1]. C:Niel Gow C Minor. Stewart-Robertson The Athole Collection; pg. T:Abercairney House. Scottish, Reel. A Dorian. The melody first appears in McGlashan's Collection.

McGlashan Collection of Strathspey Reelsc. F Major. Barnes English Country Dance Tunes, vol. G Dorian. The Aberdeen Hunt was one of the numerous aristocratic hunt clubs in Scotland in the 18 th and 19 th centuries which patronized musicians who, if they were astute, composed tunes in their honor for their balls and gatherings.

Aberdeen was a Pictish village in the 4 th century and expanded in the 6 th century around the church of St. Old Aberdeen was made a royal burgh in by the Scottish king David I. T: Aberdeen Hunt. C:Robert Petrie? N:Petrie's First Collection, page 3. Composed by J. Scott Skinner. MacDonald The Skye Collection, pg. T:Aberdeenshire Volunteers, The. The title likely refers to the dance currant, named for Aberdeen. The tune was composed by James Lauder in Canadian, Hornpipe.

CanadaCape Breton. B Flat Major. Composed by Cape Breton fiddler and composer Dan R. MacDonald Cameron Trip to Windsor; pg. A Major. Standard tuning or ADae, a la Allie Bennett. Composed by Alexander Walker. Canadian, Slow Strathspey. Barnes English Country Dance Tunes Mellor Welsh Dance Tunes; pg. Raven English Country Dance Tunes; pg.

C Major. Today it is the site of the Walker Shortbread Factory, in an area known for whisky and tourism. Kerr Merry MelodiesVol. MarshallFiddlecase Edition Acrobat Reel - George Wade And His Cornhuskers - Acrobat Reel / Waltz Quadrille (Shellac), ; Collection, pg. Welsh, Waltz. AKA and see " Castell Aberystwyth. USAImpromptu - Diz* And Getz* - Diz And Getz. A Mixolydian.

The alternate title makes it clear that the Abe referred to is Abraham Lincoln, who, as President, was Commander in Chief of DJ Flash - Live @ Kazantip 2004 Union army which met a disastrous defeat at the Battle of Bull Run or, in the South, the Battle of 1st ManassasVirginia, July 21st, Another famous West Virginia fiddler, Burl Hammons, plays a similar tune, according to Bill Hicksand remembers a song connected with the tune having to do Ill Be Creepin - Free - Free Noah's Arkwith the refrain "forty days and forty nights.

Malvin Artley of Elon College, N. Songer Portland Collection, pg. Spandaro 10 Cents a Dance; pg. Learned by Calhoun CountyW. K:A Mix. AKA and see " Song of Victory. AKA and see " Sligo Tune. AKA and see " Sloans Lamentation. Composed by blind Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan O'Neill Krassen; pg. T:Abigail Judge. Loosely in G Major. Cole Fiddle Tunes; pg. EnglandNorthumberland. Aboot the bush Willy, Aboot the beehive. Aboot the bush Willy, I'll meet the belyve.

Then to my ten shillings, Add you but a groat. I'll go to NewcastleAnd buy a new coat. English, Jig. Knowles Northern Frisk; No. Aboyne Castle is the seat of the present-day Gordon Acrobat Reel - George Wade And His Cornhuskers - Acrobat Reel / Waltz Quadrille (Shellac) the home of the Marquis of Huntlybut has been a stronghold of the clan since the 13 th century.

Originally a motte and bailey castle, over time a stone keep was added, then a towerhouse in the 17 th century, and finally was converted to a mansion in the 19th. One part. Composed by Peter Milnea Scottish fiddlerone of J. Milne managed to make a living playing theater venues all over Scotlandbut became addicted to opium in the drug laudanum, which he originally took as a pain-killer.

Milne ended his life in reduced circumstances, busking on the ferry that crossed the Firth of Forth. Scottish, Country Dance Tune. E Flat Major. N:Petrie's First Collection, page Bacon The Morris Ring, pg. G Major. An alternate tune for the dance from Bidford, different from version 1. AKA and see "The Flaxdresser. EnglandLancashire. T:Absent Minded Man, The. Irish, Reel. T:Absent-Minded Woman, The. American, Reel. An acacia is a tree or shrub of the mimosa family, often cultivated as an ornamental.

Kerr Merry Melodiesvol.


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