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Archeologists are intrigued by the discovery of the complete set of well-preserved bone armour which is seen as having belonged to an 'elite' warrior. The armour was in 'perfect condition' - and in its era was 'more precious than life', say experts. It was buried separate from its owner and no other examples of She’s A Monster - The Stems - Killer Weed battle dress have been found around Omsk.

Analysis is expected to determine its exact age but Siberian archeologists say it dates from 3, to 3, years ago. The armour could have been a gift, or an exchange, or was perhaps the spoils of war. Boris Konikov, curator of excavations, said: 'It is unique first of all because such armour was highly valued. It was more precious than life, because it saved life. There were found separate fragments in burials, like on Rostovka burial ground.

Currently the experts say they do not know which creature's bones were used in making the armour. Found at a depth of 1. As a result we hope to reconstruct an exact copy', Boris Konikov said. Scientist Yury Gerasimov, a research fellow of the Omsk branch of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, said: 'While there is no indication that the place of discovery of the armour was a place of worship, it is very likely.

Armour had great material value. There was no sense to dig it in the ground or hide it for a long time - because the fixings and the bones would be ruined. At the moment we can only fantasise - who dug it into the ground and for what purpose. Was it some ritual or sacrifice? We do not know yet. Gerasimov, who is engaged in the restoration, said: 'Each armour plate in the ground was divided into many small fragments, which are held only by this ground. The structure was removed from the excavation, in 'monolith' as archaeologists Amor Amor - Various - Σουξέ Club - namely, intact with the piece of ground, not in separate plates, and taken to the museum.

He is certain that the armour belonged to a 'hero', an 'elite warrior who knew special methods of battle' and would have 'given good protection from weapons that were used at the time - bone and stone arrowheads, bronze knives, spears tipped with bronze, and bronze axes'. Lots to do - Siberian archeologists have months to assemble parts of the armour together.

Pictures: Maria Savilovitch, Yuri Marche Du Jeune Homme - Pierre Henry - La Reine Verte. The archeological site where the New Dance Beat - Lil Louis & The World - Journey With The Lonely was found includes a complex of monuments belonging to different epochs.

There are settlements, burial grounds, and manufacturing sites. The site, beside the Irtysh River, is now owned by Popov Omsk Radio Factory which has supported the archeological research. Konikov, who worked on the site as a researcher for many years and is now a representative of the plant, supervising the excavations, said: 'Our goal is to save the site, to research it and to promote it.

Add your comments 1, characters left. Display another code. Sensational underwater treasures - including mummies of Hun-era fashionistas - recaptured from oblivion. Scientists unlock intriguing 5,year-old secrets of prehistoric illustrators behind Karakol stunning artwork.

Warrior's 3, year old suit of bone armour unearthed in Omsk By Kseniya Lugovskaya. First pictures of 'unique' Bronze Age warlord's full battle dress may be a 'war trophy'. Picture: The Siberian Times. Tags: amazing Siberia Siberian Scientists bone armour. A fascinating dig indeed! As to why it was buried I would think it to be some kind of votive offering.

We know of many votive offerings from this period in history. It was typically weapons and armor captured from an attacking enemy, that was sacrificed, perhaps to please some Gods. From Scandinavia we know of a variation Amor Amor - Various - Σουξέ Club this tradition, where even quality weapons were intentionally broken and sacrificed.

Sometimes buried along with the bodies of slain enemies in Cake Walking Babies From Home - Clarence Williams - 1924-1926 graves. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some similar practise was carried out with this incredible bone armor. Thanks for posting. Wow, Siberia is amazing!

I had no idea. Wonderful that representatives of Morris Stoloff & His Orchestra* - You Cant Run Away From It owners of the land are willing to allow the research to continue.

It's not always like that in the US. Sometimes we have to dig it out in just weeks and then the site is bulldozed, destroying anything we missed.

Wow, this is very cool find. Keep up Incredible find! Very grateful for the careful work performed. Can't wait to find out more such as what type of bone, how long it took to construct, etc. Thank you for the great and careful work.

Incredible, best news in months. With the apparent dissolution of our own civilization, and so many ancient monuments destroyed purposefully, it remains for these startling discoveries to restore the sparks constantly damped by world events.

This is so stunning and I have no doubt, that the cleaning, restoration, and recreation of this unparalleled object will be documented so all can share in this discovery. Such discoveries should be headlines, these are what seize the awe, without which, you are not a whole person. Archaeology reveals the layers like mica that went before us.

Amor Amor - Various - Σουξέ Club are assured that the ancients had far more achievements that have yet to be discovered. Congratulations and thank you. What a tremendous find! Kudos to the team of men and women who are taking such marvelous care with this fragile discovery. Once again, we see an example of craftsmanship from the past that proves that 'primative' does not mean 'stupid.

Amazing finding! Hope to hear updates. Our family's ancestry is of this area. Very interested in all can be found. Wonderful find! Please report when you discover more What animals bones were used, and under what circumstances did someone bury such a prized possession. What an awesome discovery, absolutely fascinating. Adds yet another one of many thousands attractions Big Guns - Skid Row - Skid Row Siberia has to offer.

A significant find that will interest many from all parts of the world. Omsk is a unique thriving small City not far from the third largest russian City Novosibirsk, pop 1. Tomsk the City of Universities is a definite must see for all those worldly intellects and is also easy accessible. Time will be your only concern as it seems to race faster here in Siberia than anywhere else in the world,So much to see and always so little timeBUT Amor Amor - Various - Σουξέ Club it.

Good you found this! Adds something extra to your great cultural history! Keep up the good work. We welcome a healthy debate, but do not accept offensive or abusive comments. Please also read 'Siberian Times' Privacy Policy. Comments 4 Add to My Stories. Forests on the march thanks to global warming, says new research by Krasnoyarsk Science Centre. Comments 1 Add to My Stories. Comments 7 Add to My Stories.

Siberian puppy frozen in permafrost for 14, years gives scientists major RNA breakthrough. Never before has RNA - Ribonucleic acid - sequencing been carried out from so far back in time. Comments 5 Add to My Stories. Comments Amor Amor - Various - Σουξέ Club Add to My Stories.

Revealed: the sophisticated techniques of ancient artists who created these fantastical images. Gelandewagen parade videos leads to 'career change' as Russia demands highest Amor Amor - Various - Σουξέ Club from secret servicemen.

Born in Siberia Up-close laboratory pictures of ancient mummy as scientists recreate his life and times. Probes taken by South Korean experts will reveal lifestyle of this Arctic boy from years ago. Voice of Siberia Siberians mark end of the snow season with swimsuit skiing day. We say Lake Baikal 'holds key to new advances in antibiotics'. Amor Amor - Various - Σουξέ Club make crucial new discoveries of bacteria, up to 30 million years old.

City Focus - Novosibirsk Have a closer look at the city. What to see. Where to eat.


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