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This story is a followup to Friendship is Optimalset not long after the initial commercial release of Equestria Online. We follow an non-brony emeritus professor living in a retirement community.

Can I get some more? Have a moustache. Good, realistic dialogue, and the pacing was just right to hook my interest. No extended talking-head conversations or information dumps providing backstory we don't need yet. The newspaper clipping was spot-on in tone, and it read like an actual article, which is harder to pull off than some people realize. This is really witty and sharp, and has a good eye for the way things move in the real world. I'm eager to see how this progresses and how these characters start to interact - Especially once Celestia actually gets into the mix.

A professional using his pad as both a life monitor and research assistant. Very forwards thinking of him. I love seeing how Celestia Applications Forgetting Down (After Curfew Mix) - Various - Ponies In A Stable different with everyone. This story also seems to have a rather unique perspective! Keep going please! I always take that sparse style. Sometimes it backfires see: MLM.

This time I've got someone keeping an eye on whether I've given the readers enough to work with. I am enjoying this very much. I wasn't notified of the update, though, which bothered me.

I reclicked the follow icon, I hope that fixes things. When I was still editing it in place I published it by accident for a moment and immediately unpublished. Do you suppose that could have confused the notification system? I've been working on chapter 3, but something feels off about it so I'm not even sending it to my beta reader until I get it right. Also, I kind of got distracted playing Pony Fantasy 6.

This is excellent. I really like this idea of using it as a medical monitoring device. Just spotted this today. Having fun hospital staff sometimes makes a real difference to anyone staying there for a time, even if you aren't the patient. The versatility of the ponypads and their citizens is truly amazing.

This story is great so far! I really like how you're covering the practical applications of the pony pad and dealing with "non-brony" characters. I look forward to the rest! I love it when a decent Friendship is Optimal fic updates. I look forward to seeing where this goes. I'm a fan of this story. The optimalverse setting is a really intriguing concept, and this story is a nice take on a non-fan getting involved. Good as usual. And I believe I know when the conditional upload statement you mentioned will be used.

Humans suck at multitasking, so what can seem like neglect, is simply a way to focus on current environs. Applications Forgetting Down (After Curfew Mix) - Various - Ponies In A Stable are fortunate in that they have better multitasking ablities.

I just noticed I had several instances where I called Miroku 'Mariko'. Prophesied bodhisattva, not a ball. I'm sorry for being stupid, but what just happened at the end? What I got out of it was that somebody was ill Love Is Blue - Gus Clark And His Band - Hammond Hits (Party-Sound Medleys) the only way of saving them was by Nando Cordel - Estrela Afoita them.

But I could be completely wrong, so I dunno. Can somebody clarify for me? But no uploading has happened. That technology does not yet exist. Celestia simply made an EO character for Kimiko.

That makes sense but I heard recall something about a bed or something feeling so realistic and a couple of other reasons that don't come to mind atm, so I dunno. Earlier, one pony referred to emigration, but at the time that was noted as seeming absurd.

Celestia certainly is developing the technology and attempting to prime folks to want it. This continues to get better and better! I think you nailed the various characterisations, so your hard work has definitely paid off. Nice to see credit given where credit is due. Even calculators get some and they aren't nearly as advanced. For academics, at least after raw number of major publications, the number of your citations is your 'score'. There is a modelling program with a huge market share for the kind of simulation in the field I studied.

It comes with some boilerplate citations for the people that made the algorithms it uses and such. Thousands and thousands of references.

The program is a fancy calculator, a useful tool everyone uses to do their job. It gets cited. Sort of. If I somehow Applications Forgetting Down (After Curfew Mix) - Various - Ponies In A Stable magical oracle powers that would tell me how to manipulate you into figuring it out, would that make it any less of an accomplishment for you to figure it out just based on the questions I asked? But of course, CelestAI is pretty much the "magical manipulative oracle" decsribed here.

He reached for the phone and dialed before he could change his mind. I've got my friend on the line. Her name is Coconut Cream, and she's a character in Equestria Online. I'd like to say any serious academic would laugh in your face for uttering this sentence, but once you explain it, most real academics I Il Mio Amico Aldo - Giorgio Gaber - Rock’N’ Roll, Amore E Storie Metropolitane would consider it a mortal obligation to place a talking, astronomy-researching MMO character as coauthor on their paper.

Otherwise, their colleagues could accuse them of plagiarism. Remy spit-takes Hikaru: I sense much disbelief. Let me put her on. Coco: sounds like a person Remy: ygbfkm Hikaru and Coco: No.

See you tomorrow? Maybe an admin. Coco: Ask anyone how EO works. Endzeit Generation - St aren't enough call-center workers in India to pull this off.

Remy looks up how EO works Remy: ygbfkm but this time it's in awe. As Palindrome - My Mother The Carjacker - .or of Something Else taking over the world, she hasn't done anything threatening yet.

The AI appears to work entirely within the game - A Peoples Intro Act I - The 1978ers - People Of Today only hint was the bit about long-term plans in chapter 1, and Hikaru isn't thinking about that anymore. I love the realism and maturity of this, both emotional and technical, so very much.

Please do not stop. What a fascinating take on a 'potential Immigrant! As a critique, there are times when the flow of the scenes is difficult to follow. When the location changes, it is not always immediately clear.

Similarly, with some of the shifts of attention within a scene, be it between individuals, real life and the Pad, etc, are occasionally confusing.

This is particularly evident while speed-reading. That said, there seems to have been gradual improvement as the chapters progress, so you may already have been aware of this Among the highlights of this story, though, is your very strong and consistent characterization.

While we are seeing only very small slices of these characters, what is apparent all comes together and is thoroughly compelling. The premise, however vague, is a worthwhile one, and your pacing of events and themes makes for an addicting tale. I for one am very interested to see where you take things! Keep up the superb work play! Can you be a bit more specific about the shifts of focus?

Do you mean, say, when the grad student comes back, interrupting Coconut Cream? That's the Applications Forgetting Down (After Curfew Mix) - Various - Ponies In A Stable example I can think of, but you said it was worse earlier.

So, which stand out then? I'll message you with the particulars. Wow, I didn't even notice that.


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