Baby, You Make Me Wish I Had Three Hands - See You Next Tuesday - Intervals & Parasite

Label: Doom Patrol Foundation - DOOM-0004 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Grindcore, Death Metal
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Translate Email Print. Here, Take This Pill 5. Paraphilia 7. Man Dude Vs. Pogonotrophy: Part I The Hunter Good Christians Don't Get Jiggy With It Until After Marriage oh dear piano player can't you just play that tune one more time can't you just pull your shit together one more time then we could dance this horrible night away and we'll keep You Make Me Wish I Had Three Hands - See You Next Tuesday - Intervals & Parasite rhythm of this song with the motions of our hands on each others bodies and the way our lips will move saying sweet nothing the straight black and white feeling has turned into a boring shadow of You Make Me Wish I Had Three Hands - See You Next Tuesday - Intervals & Parasite 3.

Before I Die, I'm Gonna Fuck Me A Fish this is a cold funeral time to say your last goodbyes everything is different you will finally know what it is like to be alone in this just a phase will this ever pass I feel so sick are you sick like me I have your name inside my heart Baby it out like you always have 3.

Honey I've Never Had Sex That Wasn't Awkward so my friend put aside your ignorance for just a moment and try to understand what you are doing put yourself in my place you might see how disgusting you have become my friends the vulture and when it happens to you she won't Keep Your Dreams Alive - De/Vision - De/Vision there my friend the vulture my friend fuck you you will get yours hell is here fuck you I am coming you will get yours Armageddon is in flight I am coming 4.

Here, Take This Pill I won't let go I'm standing in a hall its so long it makes me with that you were here and as each minute passes I fall deeper if I could I would keep you to myself with hearts intact 5.

How To Survive A Vicious Cockfight I am not human anymore I'm sure you can agree that you are no different my past haunts me the memories I obtained are an open wounds cause you keep ripping off these scabs things could have been fixed couldn't you speak can you just please take my eyes from my face tear my skin from my body I want to be deaf and numb I want to be dead to decay to be loved rip my soul from my flesh I just want to be numb 6.

Paraphilia If I could I would keep you to myself with hearts intact. I know romance Various - Bravo Hits 27 know fucking romance you will see endless compassion as devilish charm spews from my fucking teeth and you can't hear anymore than the increasingly faster beat of your slowly rotting heart a device that pumps evil liquids through your skin and out your teeth and drowns me in your lake of lies the lies and deception and the past memories that won't leave my head Let's Go Halvesies On A Bastard "you will never get rid of me" those are the words you said I'll go to sleep with that and the echo will haunt my dreams my wake up shivers which are a result the cold sweats are the only thing to save me from all the horrors that lie in my head this is my nightmare reliving ever word you said welcome to my nightmare this is my mew home A Portable Death Ray And A Sterile Claw Hammer The way you fucked me up a kind of poetic karma and as I sit at the bar with my friend Con he tells me I deserve it all he "says now you know how it feels to be complete" "I don't feel like that" I said "I am now in hell" he replies "you did before you fucked up and had her you felt complete before you fucked up then you lost her you see now you know what its like to be complete" Pogonotrophy: Part I The Hunter we were made in a burning fire of love and passion are you happy now that everything fell Pogonotrophy: Part II The Parasite apart every mistake that I had made with you haunts me every moment of my life just a picture of your undying beauty can bring me to my knees close the windows turn down the lights slit my throat and turn away it's time to forget everything time to sleep watch me as I light this match and set fire to these bridges I built I will burn down everything I ever had there will be nothing left the blood mixed with bitter tears these nights are hell hell is every night I am the only one I am everything you need I You Make Me Wish I Had Three Hands - See You Next Tuesday - Intervals & Parasite your children's father I am all the love I am the other half I am the world I am heaven and now I am in hell Thanks to ncphillips.

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