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Label: Stroll On Records - STRO19PLP • Format: Vinyl LP, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue • Country: UK • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Indie Pop, Experimental, Lo-Fi
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Robert Steven Moore born January 18,also known as R. Often called the "godfather of home recording ", [1] he is one of the most recognized artists of the cassette undergroundand his influence is particularly felt in the bedroom and hypnagogic pop artists of the post-millennium.

Sincehe has self-released approximately albums[2] while about three dozen "official" albums largely compilations have been issued on various labels.

The innovative manipulation of low fidelity recording processes in his early albums defined his general aesthetic. With help from his uncle, he made his official label debut with 's Phonographywhich was well-received in New York's punk and new wave circles.

Although he is best known for "'60s-inspired power pop in the XTC vein," [4] his body of work incorporates a variety of music genres, both popular and experimental, and his records are typically styled after freeform radio. He describes his prolific output as "a diary of sound". From untilMoore lived and recorded in his apartment studios in northern New Jersey.

He was also a WFMU staff member for a number of years. Inhe launched the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club, his home-based mailing service. After the s, he became better known for his associations with Ariel Pinkwho frequently praised Moore as his "mentor". He was very disappointed in me because I was not a get-up-and-go type. The novelty song was withheld from commercial release untilwhen it became a hit single in the UK on the RCA Victor label.

Stevie Moore [8]. As a teenager, Moore became proficient on guitar, bass, piano, and drums. His recordings in this period were heavily influenced by the Mothers of Invention 's albums Freak Out! I love humor. Katharina - Moravanka - Bläserklänge Aus Mähren didn't seek out to do this.

It just came out of me. I had this music inside of me and I wanted to be a pop star. It was like a disease that I had to record and write. Moore began working as a studio musician and assistant at his father's BarbacutieKluxClan pt 1 - Ariel Pink & R.

Stevie Moore - Ku Klux Glam publishing company, Mimosa Music. My personal interests couldn't have been more opposite than that. He formed a close friendship with next-door neighbor Victor Lovera, who he called "one of my best friends and Throughout the early s, Moore continued to play Jacobs Ladder - Paul Robeson - The House I Live In shows with a group of high-school friends whose band name changed frequently.

His music tastes—which mainly encompassed artists like the Beach Boysthe MoveFrank Zappa, and Todd Rundgren —were mostly out of step with the prevailing music culture in Nashville. Engineer Paul Whitehead remembered of those sessions: "Moore [would] perform on ANY instrument with total control and an energy that I have never witnessed in a studio.

I thought the world of Victor's unique vocal sound and thought the two of them would be wildly successful, but as I told them they would have to move to New York to even get noticed.

InMoore was commissioned by his uncle Harry "H. Phonography was reviewed in New York's Trouser Press as "an outrageous collection of musical brain spewage" and "a true slash of genius".

In FebruaryMoore relocated to Montclair, New Jersey [6] and got a job working at a Sam Goody record store in Livingstonwhere he remained for many years. I bleached my hair and I spiked it out, and I was Johnny Rotten from hillbilly land. It was so innocent then, total lo-fi. Moore later reflected on this period: "I'm not a nightlife person. I should have really planted myself on the streets and plugged away, but I'm not a very good salesman so I never thought of going down and trying to convince people to sign me.

It was a struggle. It was Moore's first album recorded in a professional studio. That whole postpunk thing, minimalist dub, drums and bass. It almost sounds like fragments, not finished songs. I loved that music. Stevie Moore Cassette Club, a mail-order service that issued his recordings on cassette. But I can't help it. It's who I am. Stevie Moore —were mostly recorded using professional studios.

Moore continued to produce music and play gigs throughout the s and s. Around 70 percent are in the States and about 30 percent in [Europe] Sometimes they'll disappear, and then come back five years later. Moore relocated back to his native Nashville in December Inhe established a new band with guitarist J.

Thomason and embarked on his first ever tours, including Europe. I need management. Moore reflected that he had to stop his worldwide touring due to "health issues that are worsening," adding Boys - Sabrina - Boys / My Chico his Opiniao (Opinion) - Walter Wanderley - Organ-ized (8-Track Cartridge, Album) "started takin' off Most of the selections are remakes of decades-plus old songs.

AllMusic 's Stewart Mason summarized Moore's body of work as a "one of a kind" mixture of "classic pop influences, arty experimentalism, idiosyncratic lyrics, wild stylistic left turns, and homemade rough edges.

A wider recognition of Moore's music came in the late s as a result of newer acts who cited him as an influence. Pink's own work shared much of the same musical approaches, although Moore denies that they sound similar. Moore's exposure grew alongside Pink's solo success as he was repeatedly championed by Pink in various press interviews. He told a journalist around this era that he was "trying to like, reverse time.

I'm trying to get Todd Hyman to reissue him on Acute. Then it can get like, the David-Fricke -fuckin'- Rolling Stone treatment. It's about time. It's criminal that he's not well known. Especially in light of the fact that I'm getting attention. Mojo has never even printed a word about him.

Uncutnever a word. When a New York Times article referenced Moore as the progenitor of " bedroom pop ", 976 - Will Fuck For Food responded that the notion was "hilarious to me.

I guess because of my age, because of my bitter struggle to make a living and get some notoriety, I scoff at it. A lot of the music coming out of these bedrooms is not even interesting, not worthy of being heard. But some of it will be. Due to his prolific output, the majority of Moore's CD and vinyl releases have been career-spanning compilations. In Februaryhe received a count of releases listed on his "tapelist" page including video and live recordingson his "albums list" page, and on Bandcamp.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stevie Moore. Musician songwriter radio DJ session musician record store clerk. Vocals guitar bass keyboards drums. I'm all about diversity. Freeform radio show. The Beatles White Album.

BarbacutieKluxClan pt 1 - Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore - Ku Klux Glam definitely had no "plan" to rush and become Dä Bach Ab - Los Turntablos - Rhythmousse as the very first modern DIY BarbacutieKluxClan pt 1 - Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore - Ku Klux Glam. Excerpt from what AllMusic reviewer Stewart Mason calls one of "the first in a long series of quirky but immediately catchy, falsetto-sung songs that would quickly become one of Moore's trademarks.

One of Moore's best-known tracks from Glad Musicone of his more accessible albums. Its title was taken from a fake Beatles song. See also: Lo-fi music and Hypnagogic pop. Moore might not have been the first rock musician to go entirely solo, recording every part from drums to guitar However, he was the first to explicitly aestheticize the home recording process itself. Main article: R. Stevie Moore discography. Official studio albums Delicate Tension Clack! Stevie Moore ??

Stevie Moore". Stevie February 6, Retrieved January 19, Stevie n. Retrieved February 3, San BarbacutieKluxClan pt 1 - Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore - Ku Klux Glam Weekly. The Wire. Stevie Moore is Compelled Without Compulsion". Psychology Today.


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