Übung 345 - Wolfgang Kroh - All About Drumming

Label: Edition Peters - 11277 • Format: CD • Genre: Non-Music • Style: Education
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List of works by Paul Hindemith This list is manually maintained, therefore some of the available pieces may not yet be linked from this page. For an automatically generated alphabetical list of all available pieces, please see Category:Hindemith, Paul. A list of works in the composer category that are not included here can be found on this Übung 345 - Wolfgang Kroh - All About Drumming.

Please consult the manual of style for creating composer work lists. Writings Theoretical Works Unterweisung im Tonsatz. Theoretischer Teil [Craft I], 2nd German ed. Unterweisung im Tonsatz. Daniel Meier, and Alfred Rubeli, Elementary Training for Musicians, 2nd ed. Category : Composer Composition Lists. Amor and Psyche Farmesina Ballet overture, for orchestra. Angelus Domini apparuit Motet for voice and piano. Apparebit repentina dies Medieval poems 4 for mixed chorus and brass instruments.

Ascendente Jesu in naviculam Motet for voice and piano. Ballett-Phantasie For piano. Bassoon Sonata For bassoon and piano. Cardillac Opera in 3 acts. Cardillac Opera in 4 acts. Cello Concerto For cello and orchestra. Cello Concerto in E-flat major For cello and orchestra. Cello Sonata For cello and piano.

Sonata for Cello Solo For solo cello. Cello Sonata in E major For cello and piano. Chansons 6 For mixed chorus. Clarinet Concerto For clarinet in A and orchestra. Clarinet Quartet For clarinet, violin, cello and piano. Clarinet Quintet For clarinet and string quartet. Clarinet Sonata For clarinet and piano. Concerto For orchestra. Concerto For trumpet, bassoon and strings. Concerto For woodwinds, harp and orchestra.

Cum descendisset Jesus de monte Motet for voice and piano. Cum factus esset Jesus annorum duodecim Motet for voice and piano. Cum natus esset Motet for voice and piano. Dame Music For male, female and mixed choruses, strings and winds ad lib.

Das Grab ist meine Freude Festival march for flute, 2 violins, cello, double bass and piano. Das Marienleben 15 songs for soprano and piano. Das Nusch-Nuschi Music to a play for marionettes in 1 act. Das Rauber-Orchestra in der Hochschule Exercises for 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 4 clarinets, tenor saxophone, and 2 bassoons.

Defuncto Herode Motet for voice and piano. Der Guguck For mixed chorus. Der Orkan Monodrame lyrique, for voices, chorus, percussion, piano, violin, viola and cello. Der Schwanendreher Concerto on old folksongs, for viola and small orchestra. Der Tod "Er erschreckte uns, unser Retter" For male chorus.

Des kleinen Elektromusikers Lieblinge For 3 trautoniums. Des Todes Tod 3 lieder for female voice, 2 violas and 2 cellos. Dicebat Übung 345 - Wolfgang Kroh - All About Drumming scribis et phariaeis Motet for voice and piano. Die Harmonie der Welt Opera in 5 acts. Die Harmonie der Welt Übung 345 - Wolfgang Kroh - All About Drumming for orchestra. Die junge Magd 6 poems for alto voice with flute, clarinet and string quartet.

Die Serenaden Little cantata on romantic texts for soprano, oboe, viola and cello. Dixit Jesus Petro Motet for voice and piano. Duet For viola and cello. Echo For flute and piano. Eine Flight of the Bumble Bee - Los Indios Tabajaras - Casually Classic Mitternacht For male chorus.

English Songs 9 For voice and piano. Erat Joseph et Maria Motet for voice and piano. Erster Mystery Boy (Suntori Hot Whiskey Song) - Culture Club - Colour By Numbers "Wie nun alles stirbt und endet" For male chorus.

Et obstinati quidam cantare volentes Canon for 5 voices: 3 voices, 2 bass instruments. Exiit edictum Motet for voice and piano. Flute Sonata For flute and piano. Frankenstein's Monstre Repertoire Allegretto for string quartet cello part missing.

Harp Sonata For solo harp. Horn Concerto For horn and orchestra. Horn Sonata For horn and piano. Horn Sonata For alto horn or saxophone and piano. Hymns Übung 345 - Wolfgang Kroh - All About Drumming Walt Whitman 3 For baritone and piano. Ite angeli veloces Cantata for mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, mixed chorus, audience, orchestra and wind orchestra.

Kammermusik No. Kanonische Duette 2 For 2 violins. Kanonische Sonatine For 2 flutes. Kasperl unter den Wilden Puppet play. For toy trumpet, triangle, cymbals, snare drum and cello.

Kasperls Heldentaten Puppet play. For voice and cello. Klaviermusik For solo piano. Kleine Kammermusik For wind quintet. Kleine Sonate For viola d'amore and piano. Konzertmusik For brass and string orchestra. Konzertmusik For piano, brass and harp. Konzertmusik For solo viola and large chamber orchestra. Konzertmusik For woodwinds, brass and percussion. La belle dame sans merci Song for voice and piano.

Voice part only survives. Lieder 8 For voice and piano. Lieder nach alten Texten 6 For mixed chorus. Ludus tonalis Studies in counterpoint, tonal organisation and piano playing. For solo piano. Madrigals 12 For 5-part chorus. Mass For mixed chorus a cappella.

Mathis der Maler Mathias the Painter Opera in 7 scenes. Mathis der Maler Symphony for orchestra. Melancholie 4 lieder for mezzo-soprano and string quartet. Melodrama "Instructions for US tax formU. Treasury" For voice and instrument. Minimax "Repertoire for Military Orchestra" Parody for string quartet. Musica divinas laudes Canon for 3 voices with optional brass. Musikalisches Blumengartlein und Leyptziger Allerley Parody for clarinet and double bass or cello.

Neues vom Tage News of the Day Comic opera in 2 acts.


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