Buried Alive - Fates Warning - Night On Bröcken

Label: Metal Blade Records - PHCR-16153 • Format: CD Album, Reissue • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Heavy Metal
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Translate Email Print. Buried Alive 2. The Calling 3. Kiss Of Death 4. Night On Brocken 5. Misfit 7. Shadowfax 8. Damnation 9. Soldier Boy. Buried Alive Dark and dampness lingers In body and in soul. Dead wall of stone I cry out For twenty years alone. Exanimate a penance Not fit for man nor beast. Innocent of mortal sin, Do hear me out at least. Man of strong mind and soul Deserves a second chance. Just to see a glimpse of light Would warm my icy hands.

Any kin or family Just an echo in my mind. Silence loudens tribulations That I left behind. Just then a beam of light projects From underneath a rock. Could it be escape I'm free. Hollaaaaaa - Preshish Moments - Lets Be Friends dig my fingers raw.

Deep in your mind look for the answer, It'll be there. Life, strange illusion, Stay low, it'll take care. Time is the sentence in which You must abide. Make sin your companion, Then Satan be your bride.

The tunnels deep and twisting As I press my body through and through Entrapped in this one way passage, In light I must pursue and soon. I grasp the bars at the end of my crawl, As I gape down to the sea. The skeleton of a man who tried, A fool just like me. Life, it's a strange illusion, Take it slow, it'll take care. No time is the sentence in which You must abide. The Calling A cry shivers the night, a voice in agony That shrieks above the trees.

In a land where no one comes In a land where spirits dwell, Hear their fatal screams. The old man clutches his heart As he looks to the window, He knows his time has come. Woman stands in the dark, Her hair is white with the snow Nightmares just begun. Fates Warning is heard, Run shivers up and down the spine Of those who believe. The old and decrepit have seen, They mourn in the night, Young and restless can't conceive Moon looks through the drifting storm, Thunder cracks the sky, She screams throughout the night.

The laughing magpie spreads his wings, And looks you in the eye, And laughs at you in spite. Spirits of innocence take me away. Dancing her pitiful ritual, She's stalking her prey. The bard and the banshee Sound a harmonious wail. Predestined hour has come. Let it come. The old man wakes with the dawn, Sweat upon his brow, he casts the spell, Father O'Reilly found in the moors, The people mourn, hear the church's bell.

The spirits of innocence take me away Dancing her pitiful ritual, She's stalking Луна И Грош - Калевала - Луна И Грош prey. She's coming your way The bard and the banshee Sound a harmonious wail. The Banshee! Kiss Of Death High priest, the man you look for Prays in the garden tonight, tonight. Conceived by immaculate conception, King Nazareen creator of light.

Healing cripples, Gives sight to the blind, Transforms himself, He's not of our kind. I know this begot by a kiss, He knows not that he's been defied. Demon lords won't you ride with me, Mount your horse to Gethsemane. Judas Iscariot, money man and Journey To The Stars - Various - Battle Of The Bands of Judah Tell me haven't you dined with the man And preached with him in Galilee.

You deny being one of the twelve, You wish to trade your king for gold. Thirty silver pieces be your reward And may your rotten conscience never grow old. I am in you, you are in I You have defied me, I see through your eyes.

Beware the kiss of death. Pharisees I fall to my knees, We must nullify the contract we have made. I have pined, defied innocence blood And returned the silver pieces that you've paid. What's this you Tem Espaço Na Van (House Mix) - Ed Motta - Tem Espaço Na Van Remixes, who is he to us, See to thyself you greedy man.

The place of the skull Is where lies your king. We have washed our hands. Night On Brocken April thirtieth, the souls of the risen Are leading the way.

The first of May. Black magic night, witches holiday, Their torches glow. Eternal evil, it summons The lords of hell, just once a year, Compel and beware the spell of the jackyl. Can't break the spell, Won't break the spell, The spell of the shadowless man. The witches fornicate, the demons dance, Blackmass romance. In hellish praise Round Brocken they prance, Buried Alive - Fates Warning - Night On Bröcken numbers grow. A harpie chants, fire fountains glow, Virgin of snow burnt by the torch Of the one with no shadow.

I saw his face, I've seen him before, The face of the shadowless man. As dawn breaks through the trees, Lonely town falls to their knees, A solemn belfry begins to toll. The mass begins sing familiar hymns, Man in black has his back to the crowd. Spreads his wings and turns around, As my heart begins to pound.

Because you, you're the one I Saw in Buried Alive - Fates Warning - Night On Bröcken , at Walpurgis Night. You've betrayed and cursed the light, At Walpurgis Night. You're the one I saw in flight, At Walpurgis Night. At the setting of the sun. Misfit He was the sun of champion, A proud Olympian.

Taught his boy all the tricks He'd ever need to win. The games were fierce as battle, Not for ordinary man. A man born of royal blood Must live by sword in hand. This one not so lucky, As he fell to his knees. Suddenly inflicted, Deranged with disease.

His father act with fury, You must not scorn his name. Cast him to the forest, Return never again. The nights cold and Buried Alive - Fates Warning - Night On Bröcken As the boy turned into man. Took shelter in the jackyl's den, The Buried Alive - Fates Warning - Night On Bröcken Tartarean. Confronted by the serpent Now your soul belongs to me.

For your health and strength, Sell your soul and you'll go free. Eager to accept the bribe, For revenge in his mind. Dawn reflect from the blade, The forest left Naonunai - Arianna Savall - Peiwoh. His strength grew with every stride, He was healthy as an ox. No one would stop him. You live by the sword, And die by the sword. Avenge everyone in your way. Condemning a Misfit For innocence Gutta-Percha - Vox Populi!

- Imaginary Myscitisms & Alternative Watermelons sin. His blade will avenge you someday. He's a Misfit. Defeating every wild beast And swordsman in the ring. Victor of the main event Wed daughter of the king.


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