Cello Suite 2: Courante - Iwan dArchambeau - Cello Suites Nos. 1-6

Label: Orion - ORS 78319/321 • Format: 3x, Vinyl LP, Album • Genre: Classical • Style: Baroque
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An album trying to re-create the melodies of "Old Roman chant" Roman Church chants of the 7th and 8th centuries before the Gregorian chant, based on the Negrito Cachumbambe - Joseito Martinez Y Su Orquesta - Joseito Martinez Y Su Orquesta of the manuscript neumatic notation found in the late 19th century, and the reference to the singing methods of Byzantine chant.

Sacred vocal music by monophonic male voices with lots of melismas, featuring oriental flavor, like middle-Eastern folk music. Includes eight chants sung in the Easter Week.

Sung in Greek and Latin. Effective as healing music or the like. This disc sold well around the world since for some reason, and became the beginning of the popularity of Gregorian chant. Petersburg, Cathedral of the Transfiguration, in April, Vocal music without accompaniment, which consists of recitativi and mixed choruses. Sung in old church Slavic.

This all-night vigil takes more than three hours, but this CD includes about half of that. Even if you aren't interested in Christianity and Russian orthodox church, You can enjoy listening to the beautiful, pure music, like Gregorian chant.

Her own Latin poems with simple monophonies composed by herself. Like Gregorian chant, but sung by women's vocal ensemble at a high pitch, in unison, and filled with sense of religious ecstasy.

Unaccompanied, or accompanied by medieval stringed instruments such as fiddle, harp and organistrum. Performed by Sequentia Ensemble for medieval music. Comprises three parts: "Notre Dame period" so-called "Notre Dame school". Composed by Guillaume de Machaut and others. Noted as one of the greatest Early Music recordings. Vivid, clear and refreshing performance, without giving any old-fashioned or sombre impression.

Performed by the Early Music Consort of London. Conducted by David Munrow. Sacred vocal music for polyphonic male chorus. One of the masterpieces of medieval music. The earliest mass remained with the Ordinary of the Mass which is totally composed by a single composer. Characterized by complex rhythms Cello Suite 2: Courante - Iwan dArchambeau - Cello Suites Nos. 1-6 artifice with making full use of the musical techniques of "Ars nova" period, such as isorhythm and hochetus.

This recording tries to recreate the mass for "The Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary" in Machaut's era, complementing ther propers with Gregorian chant. Performed by Ensemble Gilles Binchois, the vocal ensemble known for their performance of Ars nova music.

Conducted by Dominique Vellard. Includes secular compositions See You - Depeche Mode - The Best Of Depeche Mode Volume 1 various types, such as virelai, ballade and rondeau, motets, and poetry readings too. A classical recording by Ensemble Gilles Binchois, the vocal ensemble known for their performance of Ars nova music. Soothing music with simple melodies and a secular atmosphere.

The songs were studied and performed by early music ensemble Sequentia in association with Prof. Wulf Arlt the University of Basel and others. The lyrics are written in Occitan one of the Romance languages. Female or male solo vocals accompanied by harp or fiddles. Useful as a sampler of Huelgas Ensemble's recordings of polyphony from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The earliest surviving polyphonic setting to the Latin liturgical texts.

Unlike the requiems featuring the expression of emotion and descriptiveness, this is a solemn and low-keyed piece, but beautiful polyphonic vocal music filled with quiet but strong prayer for the repose of Do You Wanna Ride With Me? - Krayzie Bone - Streets Most Wanted soul. Sung by the polyphony with from two to four voice, with the uppermost part of Gregorian melodies.

A four-part isorhythmic motet "Nuper rosarum flores Recently Flowers of Roses " is famous as Cello Suite 2: Courante - Iwan dArchambeau - Cello Suites Nos. 1-6 ceremonial motet performed in the consecration of Florence Cathedral.

All the tracks can be listened to as purely beautiful polyphonic vocal music. Excellent performances by the Hilliard Ensemble, a British male vocal quartet, including transparent high-tone male voices tenor and countertenorundulating unity of the whole and rhythmic interplay of parts. Includes four motets and a plainchant. The motets, polyphonic vocal music including plainsong of Gregorian chant, are worth listening to for their clear and pure sounds, and beautiful harmony of polyphonic melodies.

Most of all, a ceremonial motet performed in the consecration of Florence Cathedral, "Nuper rosarum flores" is a famous one regarded as a monumental composition in the Italian Renaissance culture. Performed by the US vocal ensemble, Pomerium.

Performed by the Tallis Scholars, the famous English chorus group. Directed by Peter Phillips. The clear female chorus is beautiful. Also features "Missa La sol fa re mi".

One of the great recordings by the Hilliard Ensemble, the English male chorus group who are known for their clear and heavenly voices being perfectly on pitch. The motets are so beautiful that they sanctify our souls, especially "Ave Maria Virgo serena". The songs are satirical, humorous pieces, beautiful love songs, and bawdy songs with sexual contents. The title track "Le Chant des Oyseaulx" published in is a famous piece of scenic program music including onomatopoeic imitations of bird calls.

Vocal duet of countertenor, tenor, baritone and bass. Dominique Visse's pure countertenor is impressive. The original songs are unaccompanied a cappellabut some tracks are accompanied by a lute.

There are two lute solo tracks. Vivid and lively performance with lots of extempore ornaments trills. A compilation of the recordings in the s and s. Unaccompanied polyphonic vocal music, based on the style of Franco-Flemish School Josquin Desprez and others and its imitative writing, with blending of clear harmonies and flowing melodies, eliminating dramatic elements and valuing harmoniousness and calmness.

Sung by British vocal ensemble, the Tallis Scholars. The Renaissance church music was originally for male voices only, but they sung with a mix of male and female choruses on these CDs.

Unaccompanied sacred choral music. A very beautiful masterpiece of requiem, featuring intertwining multi-layered parts based on the motif of Gregorian chant melody. Performed by British vocal ensemble, the Tallis Scholars. Sung by a mixed chorus of 12 voices 2 voices for each part. Also includes a motet "Versa est in luctum" composed by Alonso Lobo, a Spanish composer of the late Renaissance.

Sacred choral music basend on the style of imitation composition technique of the Renaissance polyphony since Josquin des Prezfeaturing English homophony-oriented writings, lyrical, soft melodies, and deicate, beautiful harmony.

Includes three masses based on the Latin liturgical texts, "Mass for three voices", "Mass for four voices", "Mass for five voices", Latin motets, English anthems, and "The Great Service" with English texts, for the Anglican Church and others. Although lack of floridness, good healing music can be listened to in a calm and relaxed way. Sacred vocal music in the 17th century. An unaccompanied a cappella sacred vocal music based on the Old Testament Psalm 51, and composed for the service at the Sistine Chapel, Rome.

Composed in the Baroque period probably during Cello Suite 2: Courante - Iwan dArchambeau - Cello Suites Nos. 1-6 sbut known as a typical example of Renaissance polyphony. Alternately sung by two choirs, one of five and one of four voices. Performed by a British mixed vocal ensemble, the Tallis Scholars.

The clear sound and well-harmonized mixed chorus is beautiful. A set of six CDs features 87 masterpieces free organ works, chorale preludes, chorale variations, and chorale fantasies. Devotional sacred music, but it features improvisatory and free-form style, based Monkey - The Soulful Dynamics* - African Fire the so-called 'stylus phantasticus' of the 17th century north Germany.

The original sources are the stereo recordings by Vox label US. The remastered CDs were released on Vox in Recommended to those who like J.

Bach's organ works. A standard of the later-baroque instrumental music. The beauty of moderation and symmetry. Works featuring with simple, clear melodies and classical symmetry. Published in Rome in Famous as standards of Baroque instrumental music. Basso continuo is played by harpsichord, positive organ and baroque violoncello. The last No.

Graceful and unconstrained performance featuring shiny sounds of baroque Cello Suite 2: Courante - Iwan dArchambeau - Cello Suites Nos.

1-6 by Terakado Ryo. Original-based performances on authentic instruments. Christopher Hogwood conducts the Academy of Ancient Music. Released on L'Oiseau Lyre label. The highlights are the leading female singer in the early music filed, Emma Kirkby's clear, beautiful voice like an angel and non-vibrato singing. Released on L'Oiseau Lyre Decca's early music label. Known as a masterpiece of sacred music in French Baroque. With the text of Lamentations of Jeremiah in the Old Testament.


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