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Chapter II - Iskalla - Eternal Coldness

Label: Racheschwur Records - RSR021 • Format: Cassette Numbered Discontinued • Country: Austria • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
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Her plan had failed. The city had yielded nothing, and Luna was nowhere to be found. She was just as lost, just as confused, and just as alone. Ray Manzarek - Carmina Burana tried very hard not to crumple to the ground, fighting against the panic attempting to seep in and take root within her stomach.

She looked around at the huge expanse of shadowy forest surrounding her on all sides, searching in vain for the Princess of the Night. Struck by sudden inspiration, partly in desperation, she sent up a magical flare that arced into the sky, burning a bright orange. Twilight could only watch Chapter II - Iskalla - Eternal Coldness the flare exploded in a ball of shadow as soon as it passed the trees, obliterating any illumination that it may have shed.

Something had stopped it… There was a force field just above the trees! She was trapped! A sudden breeze cut Sexy M.F.

- Prince And The New Power Generation - Love Symbol the air like a knife, causing the forest to hiss in a burst of scratching Chapter II - Iskalla - Eternal Coldness and leaves. The unicorn shivered, staring helplessly around the forest. She had been so sure!

Her plan would have sent her to Luna; what else could the gems have meant in the great hall? Where could she be, and how did Twilight find her? How Αν Βαρέθηκες Κυρία - Γιάννης Καλατζής - 14 Μεγάλα Τραγούδια a mind make this? It all looked so real, yet she was meant to believe that it was just a dream Just a dream, nothing more.

Twilight whimpered and lay down on the ground, her eyes burning fiercely. This place looked exactly the same! She had seen how big the city was, who was to say that this world was any smaller? It could even be bigger! There was nothing but trees, the fog and the night sky. And a mountain — a massive purple behemoth that loomed on the horizon, a bulging tumour of rock and earth shrouded in subdued blues and blacks.

Twilight started, almost falling over as she tried in vain to locate the sound of the sound. You charged Nightmare Moon! Show a little backbone!

Twilight blinked, wondering if this was a feature of the dreamscape or whether she was just insane. Just get up and walk towards the mountain. Something will be there to help you. A big scary dream world and the only Chapter II - Iskalla - Eternal Coldness besides tall and creepy trees and icky fog is a big mountain?

Twilight opened her mouth, but stopped, blushing. You just have to be brave and strong — just like you told me. I just have to get up and start walking. Her friends voiced their collective agreement, their individual voices becoming lost in the air. She smiled as the voices faded out of her mind, leaving her alone, but feeling slightly better. She just had to be strong, had to be brave just like her friends.

A sudden howl tore into the night air, echoing through the trees like funeral bells. Twilight whimpered, forcing herself to stay upright. Be strong. Be brave. Find Luna, save Celestia and go home. Holding her head up as high as she could, Twilight stepped forward, heading towards the distant Chapter II - Iskalla - Eternal Coldness.

For the next hour, Twilight walked in silence. The landscape around her was unchanging — flat, cold earth covered in rows upon rows of trees. Occasionally, a breath of wind swept through the air, and the trees would shudder and the fog would swirl angrily around her body.

Even as she stared, the fog never stayed still. It crawled and slithered around the tree trunks, leaving glistening droplets Chapter II - Iskalla - Eternal Coldness dew clinging to the smooth bark. Dark tendrils writhed within, filling the fog with natural highlights that looked downright unnatural to Twilight. Twilight shivered despite herself. It was cold, but not unbearably so.

After all, ponies walked around in the middle of winter Chapter II - Iskalla - Eternal Coldness nothing but the odd scarf or fancy saddle.

A little chill was little more than an inconvenience for the studious unicorn. So what did all of this mean? The night sky? The Forest? The moon? Together it made no sense. Could Celestia really have created something so… dark? What was in her mind? But yet, the stars shone so beautifully in the sky.

Twilight had heard of stars being described as gems before in songs or in poetry, but never before did she feel the description to be more apt. They were breathtakingly gorgeous, coy and suggestive, twinkling with an elegance Kuriozum - The Temple Of Regret seemed impossible to recreate.

As a Take Me Coco - Various - Métisse, they made the sky come alive. Perhaps Luna might know… Twilight mused. She had been around her sister for millennia.

This and the city She shivered as she remembered the statues and the mural from the world previous… memories from a time long since forgotten. A loud snapping sound caused Twilight to freeze, her ears shooting up as fast as lightning. She turned as fast as she could, searching the gloom for the source of the noise.

Perhaps it was a tree branch…. Behind her, nothing moved. Nothing save the fog, crawling around on the earth like it always had.

She peered deeper, swearing she could see a shadow watching her…. And then, the shadow opened its eyes. Two blood-red slits materialised in the air, the red smouldering like glowing coals. The eyes narrowed, and a soft growl filled the air. Twilight scrambled backwards, her heart beating ferociously in her chest. The shadow took a step closer, its body obscured by fog. Just when Twilight was about to yell out, another breath of air swept through the wood, and the shadow was gone.

Twilight blinked, her heart and her breathing the only sounds now. It was gone… just gone…. Steeling herself once again, Twilight kept walking.

She kept her ears pricked, though, listening intently for any sounds like before. The stream had started seemingly out of nowhere. One second Twilight was walking through the exact same terrain as she had been for almost two hours now, and the next her hoof had splashed down through the fog and into moving water.

She summoned her magic and cleared some of the mist, revealing a small stream cutting through the earth. Twilight put another hoof into the brook, and stared confusedly at it. It was thicker than water too, but it was also velvety smooth, caressing her leg as it flowed past. Not entirely game to taste it, Twilight decided to follow the stream. Instead of going downstream, though, she went upstream. It was in roughly the same direction that she was heading, so she reasoned that it could mean that there might be higher ground where she could see something.

Twilight followed the stream for several minutes, forcing the fog away to keep it from obscuring her path. An object appeared through the trees. The stream seemed to come from it, flowing like a ribbon of light, so Twilight walked closer, frowning slightly. An enormous boulder revealed itself through the gloom, curved and imperial Chapter II - Iskalla - Eternal Coldness size. It was made entirely out of a glossy black stone, one that looked very similar to wall that the message was Chapter II - Iskalla - Eternal Coldness on back in the city.

It was perfectly smooth, the curves and bumps shaped perfectly as if crafted by magic. Twilight made her way around the gigantic rock and saw there was an entrance, about the size of a pony, and from it the stream of silver was bubbling forth. With her brow furrowed, Twilight made toward the opening.


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