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All rights reserved. As a plane soars over the high desert of southern Peru, the dull pale sameness of the rocks and sand organize and change form. Distinct white lines gradually evolve from tan and rust-red. Strips of white crisscross a desert so dry that it rains less than an inch every year. The landscape Readymade - Beck - Odelay as lines take shape to form simple geometric designs: trapezoids, straight lines, rectangles, triangles, and swirls.

Some of the swirls and zigzags start to form more J. Blue - Hey shapes: a hummingbird, a spider, a monkey.

These are the renowned Nasca lines —subject of mystery for over 80 years. How were they formed? What purpose could they have served? Were aliens involved? The lines are found in a region of Peru just over miles southeast of Lima, near the modern town of Nasca.

In total, there Dimention - Paul Nazca - Evolution over straight lines, geometric figures and 70 animal and plant designs, also called biomorphs. Some of the straight lines run up to 30 miles, while the biomorphs range from 50 to feet in length as large as the Empire State Building.

Peruvian archaeologist Toribio Mejia Xesspe was the first to systematically study the lines in However, since The Nearness Of You - The Milt Jackson Quartet Featuring Horace Silver - Soul Pioneers lines are virtually impossible to identify from ground level, they were only first brought to public awareness with the advent of flight—by pilots flying commercial planes over Peru in the s.

American professor Paul Kosok investigated and found himself at the foot of a line on June 22, —just one day after the winter solstice. At the end of a full day studying the lines, Kosok looked up from his work to catch the sunset in direct alignment with the line.

Reiche battled single-handedly to protect the site; she even lived in a small house near the desert so she could personally protect the lines from reckless visitors. The rocks which cover the desert have oxidized and weathered to a deep rust color, and when the top inches of rock is removed, a light-colored, high contrasting sand is exposed.

Scientists believe that the majority of lines were made by the Nasca people, who flourished from around A. Certain areas of the pampa look like a well-used chalk board, with lines overlapping other lines, and designs cut through with straight lines of both ancient and more modern origin. The Kosok-Reiche astronomy theories held true until the s when a group of American researchers arrived in Peru Dimention - Paul Nazca - Evolution study the glyphs.

Anthony Aveni, a former National Geographic grantee, agrees, "Our discoveries clearly showed that the straight lines and trapezoids are related to water … but not used to find water, but rather used in connection with rituals.

Reinhard points out that spiral designs and themes have also been found at other ancient Peruvian sites. Animal symbolism is common throughout the Andes and Dimention - Paul Nazca - Evolution found in the biomorphs drawn upon the Nasca plain: spiders are believed to be a sign of rain, hummingbirds are associated with fertility, and monkeys are found in the Amazon—an area with an abundance of water.

Read Caption. Yellow subsoil shows where Nasca lines were scraped through surface stones. Nasca Lines The lines are drawn in geometric patterns and distinct animal shapes. By Jason Golomb. Continue Reading.


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