Duel - Various - Club Pride 2001 - Compilation Officielle Lesbian & Gay Pride 2001

Label: Wagram Music - 3070152 • Series: Club Pride - 2001 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation, Mixed • Country: France • Genre: Electronic • Style: House, Techno, Synth-pop, Disco
Download Duel - Various - Club Pride 2001 - Compilation Officielle Lesbian & Gay Pride 2001

Show post s from this thread on one page Page 1 of 12 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. You may have heard that in June the police received a tip that G Media parent company of abbywinters.

In late DecemberI was charged by the Police for doing this. The charges against me were dropped, and two charges brought against the Company. On May 28thI went to court, where the magistrate dealt with our case.

We have always believed the law to be grey in this area, and that the law had not been properly tested in this regard. We could have spent many thousands of dollars in attempting to define the laws but this would have involved additional time and resources that the company could ill-afford, therefore, the Company chose to plead guilty to the two charges.

Our QC Queens Counsel, equivent to a defense attorney in the US made submissions about the nature of our business, that we are reputable, well managed, have excellent systems and protocols in place, and have been operating openly since our inception in The magistrate accepted all the submissions made to her by our QC. Because of the way the law could be interpreted in Victoria, the Duel - Various - Club Pride 2001 - Compilation Officielle Lesbian & Gay Pride 2001 really had no option but to proceed the way it did.

So, abbywinters. The work we have done to Viva Lamure - Various - Colore E Musica Della Nostra Italia has been identified by the courts, and the company has been penalised, so that appears to be the end of the matter.

Laws in the Australian Capital Territory are more clear, but not entirely so. For this reason, we have decided to relocate abbywinters. We have now stopped all potentially offending shoots in Australia, and expect to be closing our doors in Australia for good in late June Some of our staff including Chloe B, Patience and Jacki are planning to come with us. Australian legislators seem to be becoming more conservative - the internet filtering bill expected to be passed in earlyfor example.

The changes in legislation, contribute to our decision, but also Europe presents many more opportunities to grow and develop our business, and it represents a huge and interesting challenge for me personally, and our staff. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff and models we have worked with over the last 10 years.

You have made the site fantastic. Please stay in touch. Below, a FAQ for some of the questions our members may have. I'm leaving. Restrictive Australian legislators seem like they are becoming more restrictive for example, it's likely the proposed country-wide internet filter will be passed into law in earlyand there are more opportunities in EU.

Also, we like a challenge! We're also bringing over our management team, and some back-office staff. The style will stay the same. Quality will continue to increase.

Chloe B, who has worked with us for several years as a model and staffer will come with us and continue working on model recruitment and booking. We'll be using similar techniques to get a similar type of models applying, and will use the same criteria for selecting models.

There will be a gradual change in the nationalities of models appearing on the site however. The accents will change. But also, like Australia, Europe is a melting pot of nationalities and travellers, and we exepect to significantly increase the variety from shoot to shoot, while holding true to our values.

While there are more professional models in the EU than in Oz, shooting porn stars is simply not what we're about, and we will resist the temptation. What started as a hobby and a bit of fun has matured into a serious business and aims to be a responsible corporate citizen. That inevitably means more infrastructure and planning, which can lead to a loss of the agility we started with, and becoming set in our ways.

We're sensitive to this, and embrace it as challenge. Changing countries will also give us a shakeup, and we plan to embrace that, as well. The core of what we do - finding and shooting intriguing, passionate, delicate, sexy, gorgeous models, and do it ethically, honestly and creatively has not, and will never change. We'll riff on a variety of interpretations like After Darkbut our core values remain the same.

Models will remain strident voices in all decisions we make in the company both models-as-staff and models-onlyand continue to be involved in decisions we make that affect how we work with models. When our AU models visit Europe, we have an open invitation for them to come visit us, Unlimited - Soul Position - Unlimited EP where possible we'll offer shoots, or just a friendly face in another country.

There may be some minor hiccups, and we ask for your patience in this. As many members know, Wild Flowers And Wheels - Peter Wells - Orphans always work to be ahead of schedule, and this buffer will allow us time to relocate, and have the site updates be unaffected. Thanks for being a member, and I hope you choose to stick with us through these changing times. Hi Garion, Thanks for the update and news of your plans for the future, indeed near future.

Sad to say I'm not surprised by your decision, very much the lesser of two 'evils' the good news being that Abbywinters shall live on. As you say the court decision makes it impossible to continue openly in Victoria, anything else would have been intolerable to you, the staff, the models and ultimately to us.

To say nothing of waiting for that proverbial knock on the door in the wee small hours. I'd like to extend my thanks to all at AWHQ who will not be moving with you and who have made the three years, so far, of my membership so memorable, you'll be missed but never forgotten.

Thanks Garion, I've been afraid things might come to this. After all we are talking about THE best adult website ever. And Amsterdam seems to me to be an ideal city to relocate to. Good luck to you and the staff going with you! You've helped make something really special with your efforts! Thanks for your support guys. It's been a tough day today. We are all with AW and with you!!! Having had the pleasure of having met you in person, I can very much believe this would not have been a decision taken lightly.

To anyone Duel - Various - Club Pride 2001 - Compilation Officielle Lesbian & Gay Pride 2001 hasn't, Garion is a person who truly believes in keeping the integrity and ideals of this site, and hopefully we can have him back in Aus when our pollies grow up a bit.

If you are legally allowed to Garion, could you tell Duel - Various - Club Pride 2001 - Compilation Officielle Lesbian & Gay Pride 2001 which law they claimed you ran afoul of and any other ones they alleged against you? With the whole interactive entertainment classification debate heating up, it would be useful to know what other laws are lurking out there. I'm sorry to hear that AW is more or less forced to relocate.

And although I'm slightly worried about the effect the move will have on the feel of the site, I'm very excited about seeing girls on the site I may very well run into. Why'd you guys decide on the Netherlands? Other than that the Netherlands are awesome. Was California ever in the discussion? I'm glad some of the crew will be staying, but since you didn't mention Sue-Ann or Giselle, I'm guessing that they will be parting ways with the company?

That sucks. And if it means there will be more sexy French girls First off Your work has been very much appreciated. Does this mean that all the shoots in the vault waiting to be launched will never make it to the web?? Im talking more the stuff made in Victoria before shooting went out of state?? Or does this mean because you are Memories Cant Wait - Talking Heads - Fear Of Music longer in Oz you can release all material no matter where it was shot??

When do you expect the first "European shoots" to hit the web site?? With relocation Find (Russell G Remix) - Various - Colours Of House and Europe being sooo expensive do you expect this means subs will increase??

Think that's me for now Well I say whatever it takes to keep going. I can't really believe "the internet filtering bill expected to be passed in early " will actually go ahead! I suppose this could be the one political promise there's no back-flip on I'm not sure if any of those concerned will be posting again so I should express my appreciation here for all their enthusiastic work over the years.

Garion thanks for the update. You have filled us in on alot of curiosities about what the future may hold for the Abbywinters Company and imo the future is looking brighter. I strongly believe this well-tought out decision is the smartest one the AW company can make in order to secure its future, and I'm not worried one single bit that the quality of the offerings and overall spirit of AW would be compromised, on the contrary, I believe there will be newly afforded room for maneuvering once te relocation is complete.

I also want to thank the members of staff who have chosen to join AW in the move, I'm delighted to know that AW staffers believe in what you have planned for future endevors of the company and its successes.

All the more reason for me to believe the move will go much smoother and be that much more expedient and successful. I truly love Australia. But while it's sad that politics have been the crux of this decision, I believe right along with you that busuness is business and looking out for 1 is the main objective Duel - Various - Club Pride 2001 - Compilation Officielle Lesbian & Gay Pride 2001 securing the future.

I'll paaphrase; I love doing talkradio. At current there are many liberties afforded to talkradio and what a talk station can do on the air, but if it ever came to a point that legislations got tight to the point that Duel - Various - Club Pride 2001 - Compilation Officielle Lesbian & Gay Pride 2001 couldn't continue doing talkradio the way I want and according to what my audience wants, then I would make strong consideration to take the successes of my business to where the grass is grener, rather than change format and let my business be dictated.

So Garion you can bet Duel - Various - Club Pride 2001 - Compilation Officielle Lesbian & Gay Pride 2001 I will remain in srong support of your cause and I'm by your side throughout this transition and well into the future. Allthough it's rather sad that some of our beloved AW models won't be joining you in he physical move, that sadness is vanquished by the fact that, by the magic of Internet technologies, we still stay connected, as if virtually nothing ever Desafinado - Various - A Bossa Nova - Os Dourados Anos 60. Perhaps in the not-too-distant future the AW models who had been on staff will be able to follow their hearts right back into your company's office.

Here's to the future. I am surprised that you can't just continue to produce the more explicit shoots in Canberra as it is legal there. And what about lower level shoots such as solo and girl-girl fun shoots such as fitball girls? These are simple nude shoots and cannot be considered porn by anyone, even in Australia?


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