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Discarded as trash in Above, John J. Fitz Gerald, from the Oct. Lyrics written by Buddy Bernier and sung by Edythe Wright. Audio provided by Dorothy Emmerich. See another photo of John J. Fitz Gerald. This site is edited by Barry Popik.

Read all about it! Applied to a special extra edition of a newspaper, etc. Hence transf. Have one? Barnes was turning this over in his mond when a diminutive newsboy rushed into the corridor, shouting. Extra Sun! All about the horrible murder! Wonderful feat! Great literary stroke!

Greatest novel of the age written in a week! Read all about it. Read all about the big murder! Flapper bride in jail. Read all about it!! Knight, Robert G. Walters, Daniel Sullivan, Arthur E. Newsies, as the ruddy-cheeked hawkers were sometimes called, were both a Extra Extra (Read All About It) - Svenne & Lotta - Extra Extra / Changes plot device and an evocation of a time when the evening news was purchased on the street, not seen on television.

Last week, newsies returned when The Daily News in New York began publishing a slender new afternoon paper, Daily News Express, that is handed out free after 4 p.

Stranger things have bubbled up in the vast melting pot of popular culture. They were often wretchedly poor homeless children who shrieked the headlines well into the night and often slept on the streets. Singing and dancing were usually not among their concerns. I remember one cold night seeing some 10 or a dozen Better Off Alone (Radio Edit) - Various - Bravo Hits 27 the little homeless creatures piled together to keep each other warm beneath the stairway of The Sun office.

There used to be a mass of 6/8-Jazz - Various - Afro Cuban Jazz also at The Atlas office, sleeping in the lobbies, until the printers drove them away by pouring water on them.

One winter, an old burnt-out safe lay all the season in Wall Street, which was used as a bedroom by two boys who managed to crawl into the hole that had been burnt. I was often amused at the accounts of their various lodgings. This is now 5 cents for lodging, 3 cents for supper and 1 cent for the use of lockers.

The object of this is to cultivate the feeling of independence and self-respect in these children. They value the place more in paying for it. Sometimes, it seems, the wily rascals tried to cadge a warm bed without paying, as suggested in an article in The New York Dispatch about C.

Tracy, the superintendent of the Lodging House: To show how necessary it is for Mr. Accordingly he was allowed to go to bed without paying, but the next night, he had Extra Extra (Read All About It) - Svenne & Lotta - Extra Extra / Changes stuck again, and this time another boy had been equally unfortunate.

This set Mr. Tracy to thinking, and by dint of close listening, he discovered that the youngsters had sewn up their money in their underclothes. There are 10, children living on the streets of New York. The newsboys constitute an important division of this army of homeless children. You see them everywhere. They rend the air and deafen you with their shrill cries. They surround you on the sidewalk and almost force you to buy their papers.

They are ragged and dirty. Some have no coats, no shoes and no hat. Some are simply stupid, others are bright, intelligent little fellows. McCabe Jr. How long has it been since The Post had one? How often did they typically come out? Garrett Nievin, Ashburn Oh those rascally newsboys, with their dirty faces, torn knickerbockers and cloth caps.

Extraordinary news is what prompted newspapers as far back as the 18th I Wonder What Became Of Me - Georgia Brown - The Many Shades of Georgia Brown to produce a special issue outside their normal range of editions.

Extras were common in U. The telegraph and the invention of large, high-speed printing presses allowed papers to produce them quickly. The Battery, too, was crowded with.


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