Ferus Mustafov, Orkestarot Čalgii* - Sviri Igraorni Makedonski Narodni Ora


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This all with a modern touch and new compositions by young band leader, Seven Kadrievi. From tear jerkers to festive dance musicthe Kadrievi know how to make the public go wild! Please contact us at kadrievibookings gmail. Seven Kadrievi was born in Macedonia in stip in a family of musicians and since he was nine years old he plays the trumpet. He won several prices for the best trumpet player for classic music : Twice became first in a competition for Balkan musicians in Bulgaria and twice in Macedonia.

One of Ferus Mustafov teachers was Ali-Efendi Latifov one of the best trumpet players of balkan gipsy music. Son of Masar Orkestarot Čalgii* - Sviri Igraorni Makedonski Narodni Ora . The Orkestar Mladi Braka Kadrievi is a macedonian gipsy brass band.

Amongst other achievements, they played at the presentation of the Golden Palm in Cannes. The current -5th generation- consists of about 40 family members, both adults and children, all of which are musicians according to the old tradition, from father to son.

The current bandleader — Masar Kadrievi — has mixed his own compositions with the rich tradion of gipsy music. This gives it a modern edge. Their melancholic melodies are a sure thing to end in Orkestarot Čalgii* - Sviri Igraorni Makedonski Narodni Ora dancing party and are a great asset to any party. Currently Kadrievi consists of two bands: the traditional group Braka Kadrievi, led by the father Masar Kadrievi and a more modern and upbeat band, Balkan Trafik Orkestraformed by his son Seven Kadrievi is becoming one of the most important personalities in Balkan brass band music.

In the Kadrievi family musical talent is passed on from father to son. The town has been organizing the most important brass band competition in Former Yugoslavia there every year since Seven Kadrievi won the price of the best orkest and trumpet player in the world in Also in he win the golden trumpet as the best player in Pehcevo festival in Macedonia.

Their style bring the Balkans brass sound to a higher level, they feel most at home with the jumpy rhythms and with the blood, sweat and tear soaked melodies from their homeland, Macedonia. This Үш атанын тартысы - Айгүл Үлкенбаева - Ақ Шолпан in a mix of traditional gypsy brass music and a modern sound from the last generation. Kadrievi has a new project called Kadrievi Roma Rap its gipsy music mix with reggae music hip pop,balkan with gipsy rapers from Sutka macedonia but lives in belgium.

Kadrievi know how to bring it on from tear jearkers to festive dance music to make the public go wild! Please contact us at info kadrievi. In Kadreivi and Bozuki played together. Balkan Trafik Orkestar was founded by seven Kadrievi in Gene Latter - John Travolta You Are A Superstar in Roma combined with funky gipsy reggae sounds.

Orkestar Braka Kadrievi. Visit us on Facebook. Visit us on Souncloud. Visit us Orkestarot Čalgii* - Sviri Igraorni Makedonski Narodni Ora Youtube. About The Orkestra. Balkan Trafik Seven. Gipsy Festival Tilburg.

Ferus Mustafov King. For bookings or information, please mail us at kadrievibookings gmail.


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