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Gaia (Whaleshark) - Vomito Negro - Fireball

Label: Triton - TRI 44 • Format: CD Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Techno, Electro, Industrial
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Time Stain Gaia (Whaleshark) - Vomito Negro - Fireball Fighting The Force Obsession In Silent Places White Lights King Of Thieves Nairaland The new release, Death Sun, is a stark, vitriolic piece of work, full of the innovative, crushing old-school dark EBM that Vomito Negro helped invent.

Enemy of the State Tape X Factory Child Power on Demand Machines of Hate Into Your Eyes Emerging Souls Hollow Heads Fall of an Empire Packaged in a digipack. My expectations were pretty Gaia (Whaleshark) - Vomito Negro - Fireball , but I must say that these were fulfilled without any bother. Opener Enemy Of The State, a track they already played in their livesets, sets the tone immediately.

Tape X, Factory Child, Emerging Souls, Hollow Heads, all little pearls which again prove that they are one of the finest dark electro bands Belgium has to offer these days. But they saved the best for last, the closing title track Fall Of An Empire is an instrumental masterpiece backed by a repetitive crawling loop.

A minute beauty that doesn't bore for a second and the perfect ending for this great album. The songs are filled with poignant dark atmospheres, giving you the impression to visit a haunted house. Gin Devo's spooky timbre of voice only reinforces this gloomy atmosphere. But "Fall Of An Empire" remains first of all addicted to dark-electronics.

The new work sometimes sound as the offspring between the EBM-minimalism of "Errata" the latest album of Gin Devothe cold sequences of The Klinik and the typical obscurity La Vieille Maclotte - Twenty One Buttons - Dos A Dos Vomito Negro. This melting pot finally results in a fascinating work featuring a real solid opening part. Vomito Negro remains a unique experience.

The vintage dark-electronics are miles away from the current 'oontz' fashion trend. Vomito Negro sounds like electronics without compromises and I think that this new work is again showing the good-old Vomito Negro! An album with attitude! Time Traveler Evil Eyes We Did It Again Slave Nation TV-Man They don't usually make music like this anymore! Gaia (Whaleshark) - Vomito Negro - Fireball Des Amerois Dance With Death Dark Moon On Demand Burning Man Gaia (Whaleshark) - Vomito Negro - Fireball Tie White Shirt Mongoloid American Dream United Fake Feel The Heat Jhaza Stay Alive Baby Needs Crack Shock The Needle Black Power No Hope No Fear Move Your Body Save The World Packaged in a 2cd jewel case with cardboard sleeve.

Vomito Negro has every right to be so self-confident about their art, and in the end there's no denying that this statement is nothing but true. See blood, sweat and tears as a symbol for the passion with which Gin Devo spurs his musical brainchild. Blood, sweat and tears Temptation Bout To Get Me - Billy Stewart - The Greatest Sides also emblematise the bleakness of the lyrical subjects of Vomito Negro.

Raw but straight beats, pulsating analogue sequencers, Gin Devo's distinctive rough voice, melancholic keyboard layers and melodies, dark atmospheres, and a pretty rough approach.

Vomito Negro deliberately decides against polishing sounds - it has to hurt! The City Guard 2. Nuclear Garbige Electro Rock 3. The Alternative Digital Orchestra Ensemble 4. Timebomb 5. Domingo 6. Gaia Original Mix 7. Gaia Whaleshark I Want Your Airfare - Antimagic - Live Trash. Gaia Analog Mix 9.

Fireball Close Surender Stay Alive 2. Monday 3. The New Force 4. Children Of Today 5. No Hope No Fear 6. From Above 7. Hang On Now - Kajagoogoo - White Feathers Needs Crack 8. Save The World 9. Back To Earth Raise Your Power In Strict Tempo Part 2 Meeting Eyes Human Damage Is Done Compilation cd.

Lethal Weapon 2. Wake Up Smell The 90's 3. Unclose Your Fear 4. Touch The Sky 5. Saturday Night 6. The Innercity 7. Hate 8. Immortal 2. The System 3. XTC 4. The Gun Store 5. Nova Beat 6. To Auto Logos 7.


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