Honky Tonk Tout Le Temp - Mama Rosin - Brule Lentement

Label: Voodoo Rhythm - VR1255 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: Switzerland • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Cajun, Zydeco
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It's the band's second release, and while it lacks the fury of Voodoo's own The Monsters, it is not a weak CD by any means. In the band did over shows, including the Football Championship Opening in Vienna. That Honky Tonk Tout Le Temp - Mama Rosin - Brule Lentementalong with the first album, led to 13 new songs of Zydeco, deep South swamp musings and ancient Cajun. Mix that with a little bit of inspiration from The Clash, and you can tell this won't be your standard bayou band.

And you can't miss the Velvet Underground nod, either. Of course, what release is complete without a cover tune? Word made up exclusively for this review. Another song of note is "When the Police Came. How the hell does that happen? I know we influence other cultures perhaps a bit too much, but how can a style of music so innate to a region be picked up so clearly overseas That's about as far removed from backwoods Louisana as you can get.

If you liked Mama Rosin's first release and I'm sure many of you have never even heard ityou're going to like this one even more. If you haven't stepped up to Mama Rosin yet, you have to be warned. This Honky Tonk Tout Le Temp - Mama Rosin - Brule Lentement for everyone. If your tastes are fairly exclusive to, say, Metallica, this will disappoint you in ways you can't even imagine.

Luckily, my tastes vary, so I get to hear the best of all worlds. Fate be with you, for this should be summoned by every country cat, blues bombardiers and punk pickets or picnickers of all drainpipes and pinstripes.

Cajun, right? The bonkers, broken shoulder-bladed hollerings of seismically sluiced French-descended degenrates bouncing like ball-bearings down back-porches on pre-industrial bath-tub somethin-a-mines lamenting lost to mental and as-yet-fermented turmoils dogs of all descriptions, Miracle Of Miracles - Mickey Katz And His Orchestra - Fiddler On The Roof To the caterwauling crescent-moon colliding accordion crunch and keeling-over keen of a guy lost in midnight delirium on alcohol, crying on the ceiling or combine harvester amidst the cerebellum?

Yeah, only this is more so, just doubly, trebly till yer tiltn' n' trembly all-sore-over whatsoever all abouts thy torso churning new contortions Tango Forte - Stéphane Pompougnac - Hôtel Costes Quatre what passes for internal organs with the added griddlings of rickety-raggedy rock and European folk flare.

This exceptional trio may hark back to the source and whilst initially playing with what you can take for a modern, punk-bristle, it's still the same energy, they're true to the roots of this music, there ain't any suspicions of 'Hey, I've got an idea, you know what everyone and his dying rodent are doing with da blues, let's do that wiiith flip through thesaurus of musical genres Corner the market in that'.

Not at all. This rings so true it deserves to be played to all and sundry till they capitulate. Take it to the desert, man, stakeout the streets. Maybe the cover signals a love of Velvet Underground, maybe they're just fucking with the arty douche-dribblers who'll mistake it for a Velvets bootleg and suffer their aching hip to be dislocated at the high altar of fuckscuppery as their insides wither under the cajones-chomping cajun-jalopy chilli cascade within. Whichever way will went, no way could Lou Reed in all his louche idylls alight on anything so scrumptiously scrambled, judiciously and juicily jamble-eyed so waylaid you'll be crawling, daddy, and As with labelhead Lightning Beatman's garage gut-gashing solo gospel and band The Monsters, bluegrass Thorazine Shuffle - Savatage - Live In Tampa 1989 (DVD) Zeno Tornado and the Boney Google Brothers plus spacehawks Roy and the Devils Motorcycle, Swiss waters sure run deep and the good times will roll on regardless.

So sublime as to make you almost human again, I surmise. Sod it, I'm done, stunned, surplus to your purchase. So beat me big mama, at the end of the bar. Ein Album, bei dem man sich schon gut vorstellen kann, wie es live zur Sache geht. Spielfreude pur! Ze debuteerden met het album 'Tu As Perdu Ton Chemin', inderdaad, ze komen uit het Franstalige gedeelte van Zwitserland, en komen nu al aandraven met een opvolger.

Feestneuzen kunnen niet lang zonder een nieuw feest uiteraard. Het trio gooit ook nu weer met ska, punk, folk, zydeco en cajun.

Geen idee hoe Mama Rosin klinkt? Steek Velvet Underground in een donker hok met Daniel Johnston en laat hen blues spelen uit de streek van Louisiana. Voor de dronkemannenpraat zorgen de heren van Mama Rosin zelf wel. Echt nuchter klinken de heren geen seconde, en veel begrijpen van de teksten doen we ook al niet.

Maar daar trekt de groep zich niets van aan. Als het maar swingt en er een met Luomo - Convivial (File, Album) drank ontsporend feestje kan worden gebouwd. Hilarische taferelen zullen dat Honky Tonk Tout Le Temp - Mama Rosin - Brule Lentement. Feestneuzen van over de hele aardkloot zullen zich goed amuseren met deze plaat, kater of niet.

Disco indispensabile per chi ama le proposte dell'etichetta Svizzera per gli altri una buona occasione per esplorare territori nuovi. Aktualisiert am Die einfallsreichen Drei: Mama Rosin aus Genf. Bizarres Fernweh Getrieben von einem bizarren Fernweh nehmen sich Mama Rosin — benannt nach einem Zydeco-Evergreen — der traditionellen Musik des frankofonen Amerikas an.

Und die ist wild, sehr wild. Laut und schnell. Geht direkt in den Magen. Und von da in die Beine. Und ehe man es sich versieht, schwitzt man, wie nach dem Genuss eines Tellers scharfen Gumbos. Das hat sich herumgesprochen. Lauter, kraftvoller, satter produziert, sicherer gespielt und noch einfallsreicher. This is stage sweat energetic music, as if with a folk element, but also with a punkish nature, smoothed by different arrangements, danceable by the accordion or melodeon.

At some stage, like a street stage concert, a few songs sounded a bit similar but then, quickly different variety appeared and appealed for new energy. Mama Rosin is original with traditions! The label added descriptive terms like cajun'roll or power cajun, they are of course also more than that. Und wild, sehr wild.

Het trio uit Mama Rosin sleurt je onverwijld mee in 'the bon temps roelet' en presenteert je achtereenvolgens honky-tonk, boogie, ragtime, zydeco, wals en Franse blues van de bovenste kruidenplank. Het laatste jaar heeft Mama Rosin niet stilgezeten. Behalve de straat en de cluboptredens openden zij zelfs voor het Europees voetbalkampioenschap in Vienna.

Niet verwonderlijk want het tempo dat zij aanhouden kan voetballers alleen maar inspireren om evenzo vaart te maken. Dat het voetbalelftal maar eens probeert om met de snelheid van 'Le Pistolet' de bal te dribbelen of naar elkaar toe te spelen. Gezongen of instrumentaal laten zij de songs authentiek klinken alsof zij de wortels van de zuiderse culturele mix hebben blootgelegd. Humor en punkattitude worden artisanaal vermengd met ernst en speelplezier. De coverversie van 'Dead Love Rag' met banjo en drum is mijn inziens de ideale voodoomedicijn om niet in slaap te vallen tijdens een mijlenlange nachtelijke autorit.

Je kan het telkens Honky Tonk Tout Le Temp - Mama Rosin - Brule Lentement en er toch niet genoeg van krijgen. Het meer melancholieke 'Johny Dance' bewaar je dan voor het ochtendgloren. Nooit gedacht dat ruige cajun stuff ook in Zwitserland kan gedijen. Marcie www.

Mama Rosin is just too HOT to not try C Lenoir? Tours around the world, over gigs only insharing the stage with the Stay Cats, graceing BCC's Marc Lamarr with their presence and firing up the crowd at the Football Championship Opening in Vienna.

C Lenoir": quite a trip into the world of Cajun. One thing is for sure: They are amazing on stage! Don't miss to see and hear them live!


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