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Many people claim that is is against the law for a boy to hit a girl. However, there is no specific proof of that and even if there was, it is not Maya - The Incredible String Band - Relics Of The Incredible String Band. These are how things go:.

If you Hurting Over You Boy - Various - Hi Girls a boy and the girl hits you physically with the intention of hurting you, then, you can hit her as a form of self-defense. There is nothing wrong about that. If any human, boy or girl tries to harm you, you may hit and fight them ONLY to protect yourself.

If a boy hits a girl and it is not a form of self-defense, that is assault. This is the same vice versa if a girl hits a boy. It is assault regardless of gender. So, boys cannot hit girls other than self-defense and girls cannot hit boys other than self defense. Because we are all human, gender does not really matter with hitting. It is illegal for both genders to hit each other with an exception of self-defense. If a person does for self defense, it is very understandable. Suddenly a girl that was in my class insults me.

I shout back at her, showing her that Hurting Over You Boy - Various - Hi Girls am angry and to imply to her that I do not take insults lightly. What she did next was very inexcusable.

She came towards me and tried to punch and kick me. I blocked her attacks using Wushu a Chinese martial arts and hit her on the jaw with my clenched fist. She cries out in pain and tells the whole school about it.

Many people urge me to apologize to her but I was firm. I was not going to apologize to some girl who tried to hit me first. I served her right and I did not do anything wrong. The girl then tries to frighten me by telling me that she will report this to the office. I tell her to do it straightaway because Hurting Over You Boy - Various - Hi Girls the principal hears my side of the story, she will be in trouble.

I saw that she was frightened because she knew that it was her who did By My Side - Dream Evil - Evilized wrong, not me.

She knew that it is wrong to hit people willingly to harm them regardless of gender. She learned her lesson and I stood up for myself and showed that gender does not affect anything".

This story explains that gender is not an excuse for fighting. Fighting can only be done as self-defense and nothing more. This is the same for both genders. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions.

Previously Viewed. Asked in Children and the Law. Is it against the law for a boy to hit a girl? These are how things go: 1. Here is a personal story that I have heard on this topic. It is from a boy: "It was the middle of school and I was sitting in the classroom at lunch recess talking with three other friends.

Yes, this is called battery which is against the law. I've added a Knock-N-Boots - Wreckx-N-Effect* - Hard Or Smooth link below to learn more about it. Asked in Dating Can a Asian boy marry a white girl? No law against it in the US. Asked in Relationships, Teen Dating Is it against the law of a boy to hit a girl?

It is against the law for people to hit other people. Gender does not figure into this or give the person a pass to hit others. This is a misconception. If a boy hits a girl, the boy has committed battery. If a girl hits a boy, the girl has committed battery.

In many areas, women are given more leniency when it comes to crimes like this; however, it is still a crime, and the rule is still enforced. Asked in Pregnancy, Men's Health, Relationships Is it true that the law is that you can't hit a girl?

There indeed IS a law that you cannot hit a girl, a boy, or anyone else. That crime is called 'battery', and may be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending upon the degree of battery, and what the hitter said Hurting Over You Boy - Various - Hi Girls the victim. It is assault no matter who hits whom.

It is unacceptable to be laying your hands on others in anger. Answer It is a crime for anyone to hit anyone. The only exceptions are consent such as two boxers in a ring or some parental discipline. The gender of the aggressor and the victim are irrelevant. It is not against the law, but it wouldn't be such a good idea. When your 16, you hit a new state, everything changesyou should wait utill you are older. I certainly hope not since it is against the law to have sex with a 13 year old.

By law you can not be anymore the four years apart and that's five so that would be considered against the law. Hurting Over You Boy - Various - Hi Girlsit is against the law. The 23 year old should not be seeing a minor with any such ideas. United States: Yes, it is against the law to hit a man or a woman unless they hit you first and you need to use reasonable force to defend yourself.

Asked in Friendship What if like a boy is mean to a girl? Because I am a girl, I can honestly say I would get very, very annoyed, but I know that most of the time it's just banter. You can always tell the difference between banter and plain meanness. Also, if a boy hits a girl and they are adults that is against the law. There is no law against it. It might not be the best thing, but sometimes the family has no choice. There are no laws about dating at any age.

However, any sexual contact would be against Hurting Over You Boy - Various - Hi Girls law. And why would a 17 year old want to date a 12 year old?

There could only be one reason, and it is against the law! It's the law regarding assault. It doesn't say "don't hit a girl", the law applies to everyone regardless Disappointment - J. Peter Robinson* - The Worlds Fastest Indian (Music From The Motion Picture) gender.

Hitting someone is assault. When people say "don't hit a girl" they mean because men presumably hit harder than women but not hitting girls is not in the law. The law says don't hit anyone.

Asked in English Language, Definitions Is a nephew a boy or a girl? Nephew is a son of one's brother or sister or brother-in-law or sister-in-law. Asked in Children and the Law Is it against the law to hit a girl? It is against the law to hit a female, male or animal If a husband hit his wife, it would be domestic abuse If a male hit a female and sexually molested her, it would be sexual abuse If a female hit a female and sexually molested her, it would be sexual abuse If a male student hit a female student, the male student would be subject to possible expulsion and counselling If a female Tancuj Pogo!

- Zeměžluč - Všechno Už Bylo Řečený . a female, it would be a fight and both may be arrested if the fight took place in public. If the "hit" was an accident, an apology would have to be given by the person who hit the girl.

Asked in Technology What is the definition of law of scarcity? It's a law of when a boy wants to have sex but the girl keeps farting so the boy just leaves her alone.

It isn't a good idea, but there is no law against it. Asked in Children and the Law, State Laws In the state of Wisconsin is there a law against a boy and a girl sharing a room?

Are the natural or step siblings.? Trending Questions.


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