I Sit Back - DJ Drama & Snoop Dogg - The City Is In Good Hands

Label: Gangsta Grillz - none • Series: Gangsta Grillz • Format: CDr Mixed, Unofficial Release • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Cut-up/DJ, Gangsta
Download I Sit Back - DJ Drama & Snoop Dogg - The City Is In Good Hands

Jay Classik J. What I Do Feat. Look Around Feat. J Blacc I Sit Back - DJ Drama & Snoop Dogg - The City Is In Good Hands. Fuck That Shit Feat. Warzone 5. Diamonds On My Neck Feat. Kurupt 6. Killaz Feat. The President 9. After All Feat. The Lookout Haters Ridaman Let Me Know Feat. DPGC Groupie Bitch Huslte Boyz Feat. Hustle Boyz Fresh Like Me Gangsta Grillz Made It West!!

Warzone If There's a Cure Love It When Feat. Western Union Watch This Feat. Aint It Man Outro Snoop's Theme Some High As Shit!!!! Request new password. Syndicate more. Attachment Size cityisingodshands. When is drama gonna drop another mixtape with va on it. I didnt feel the bg and fab shit was aight but i need that unexpected shit like the Little Brother,Yo gotti or Dedication's pre miami weezy.

If he and gucci went in the lab and he let gucci go hard on some old school beats like some of that early 90's west coast shit freestyling cuz he aint lyrical that woul be some shit id keep in my touch. What happened Gimme 1 2 3 4 5 - N-Trance - Electronic Pleasure the outkast gangsta grillz ,man i hope snoop dont send a shout out to bekam or ryan seacrest.

Snoop is corny then a Quiet Riot - Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Spanish Version), why would anyone in their right mind listen to this fruitcake? Can A Snoop fan lemme know somethin? Snoop is all about growth. He is much more than the snoop u were used to.

We started this gangsta shit. Snoops the shit homeboy! Maybe kids dont know, but you aint no kid. Stop hating on the West Coast. Wasnt you the same nigga sayin if you dont fuck wit a nigga why click on his mix CD? Take ya own advice fo sum C Rip Nigga zip you the fuck up!

Ad funny you ask what i bring to the mothafuckin table cuz, i actually do alot my mans. I promote hundreds of up and comin artist thru my business. I have promoted hundreds a artist demos thru eBay, I wholesale hip-hop DVD's on eBay and sell them all over the world.

I fuck wit alot of new artist that send me copies of there demo's to send out with my packages to distribute them all over, is that enough?

I am actually in the process of puttin together my own DVD featuring some of the hottest up and comin niggas from Camden, i do alot my dude, i stay bizzy, always got my hands in somethin believe that. I just dont fucks wit corny west side niggas like snoop, i was just tryin to figure out what niggas feel bout this dude, thats all, next question LOL You ever hear that if you see a white boy wit a bunch of niggas that he must be crazy? Well they refering to a REAL white boy like me, dont ever get it fucked up!

Im bout to throw a pic up wit some stacks and make niggas really really mad, niggas was hating on my pretty boy wait, wait til this drops haha, then imma really smash em wit the whip pic haha, this site is bout to get real heated my mans, dont hate, take the energy and turn it into somethin positive, get your gwap game right my dude, cause mines is in space!!!

Proof is in the pudding cuz LMAO hate on that! Submitted by Gett'n Going For The One - Yes - The Early Years I'm listening to this right now. Where's my sour diesel?

West Coast til the casket drops! Thanx drama 4 puttin Snoop bakk on that Gangsta shit!! Ant nuttin but a bunch of pusies out polock to son, i fuck wit some niggas out east tho. Nah for ral tho, i dont know why ya niggas hatin on me on this site, im a cool ass mothafuckin white boy my dude, im in da hood everyday my nigga and i gets it in, i stay on the grind, how ya think i gots dem stacks like dt?

Ya'll niggas dont know me and never will, dis jus some internet BS so chill out, im gettin too old for dis bullshit, if your under 21 dont even respond to my comments ok. Shut the fuck up you fucking haters You guys wanna diss, don't diss on this guys album or go to snoopisfuckedup.

I usually like to keep my posts educated and well written, but sometimes I have to just say what comes to mind. You are Weve Got The Power - Haters - Haters Live about him being corny, but that's just part of his personality.

Even if you listen to Snoops first appearances you will hear he brings some funny shit to the gangsta persona, but he still keeps it real Not all GOOD rap is about the struggle Expand your horizons a little. I don't care how harcore anyone is, everyone has their guilty pleasures. Just let the game be what it is and enjoy the music. If you don't like it, oh well. If you do, great. Don't get it twisted, though As for the haters and the groupies, I Sit Back - DJ Drama & Snoop Dogg - The City Is In Good Hands them talk.

Like Katt said Feel free to hate on me. I Sit Back - DJ Drama & Snoop Dogg - The City Is In Good Hands the man do what he do. Who cares if he's white. Who cares if he like D-Block. Who cares if you like to look at his 'pretty face' and say he's gay. Like the sample The Phantom Menace spit all over: Stop scheming and looking hard On the same note Also, putting your business out there like that only gives the haters power.

Respond to what you feel you need to respond to, but don't put yourself on front street. I read in one of your posts that you say you have never been robbed Gandalfs Fist - Road To Darkness you sit on fat stacks.

Then you tell everyone where to find you! My man, if you spoke like that down in the Big D you would get jacked by the time the day was over I feel what you are saying, but you have nothing to prove to these internet wankstas.

Do you, let them do them. Ya' digg? Just keeping it real Dallas, TX I def def def feel ya cuz, you are the only nigga on dis site that makes ANY got damn sence, i will give ya that!

Very educated i see, thats whats good. I feel where your coming from bout the front street thing but dogg i aint worried bout no phony ass internet mixtape thug coming by my block and robbin me, that will not happen fam TRUST ME haha, google Camden NJ if your not familar wit it, niggas eat off me so if you robbin me your robbin many, just wont swing like dat round here, plus it aint like i gave that nigga my home address or somethin, just Le Petit Tas De Neige - Mémoriance - LÉcume Des Jours him where im at all day, it aint like i walk around the streets wit my safe on my back, feel me?

Anywayz i like you my dude, keep kicking that real knowledge that you have, i digg it!


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