Intermission - DJ Doomz - Some Terrible Music Made By Some Terrible Person

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Seriously, there is no talent involved whatsoever. Basically every song "i enjoy drinking, casual sex, and going to clubs". I'm 16, so this isn't a case of "old person hates new music". Personally I can't stand the kids that come on here and start venting about how they hate new music and how they listen to 'real' music and just general crap. If you don't care for Intermission - DJ Doomz - Some Terrible Music Made By Some Terrible Person you hear through the mainstream, then go and find other resources for music that appeals to you.

They day will come, and you're going to look back if you hold onto the current belief you have,m and you're going be asking yourself, just how did you miss some of the great music hat there was in your youth. You have the tools, as well the resources, that weren't available to the baby boomers, and Generation X. Put them to use and make them work for you, to your advantage.

Its really not that bad Not that those are my favorite bands in the world, but still they're very mainstream and popular and they write great stuff. Personally I think a lot of people are getting tired of those annoying club songs and people are starting to realize what real talent is. I do however think that those club songs won't go away completely because people will always want to have a good time and a song to go along with it.

Those bands and people are terrible too. Half don't write their own music and the other half has lyrics saying ohhhhhhh over and over again because they can't think of anything else. Modern music only seems terrible to a lot of people because they don't know where to look. What you're talking Intermission - DJ Doomz - Some Terrible Music Made By Some Terrible Person is only a small percentage of modern music; it just seems like the majority because popular media coverage caters to that particular audience.

So what if you don't see "good" musicians at the VMAs or anything like that. Čerti - Daniel Landa - Pozdrav Z Fronty point is that in the age of YouTube and file sharing, it's impossible not to find an artist that fits your musical The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden - Live At Fortarock. Listen to Meat Loaf in concert in the 70s and compare that to the so called 'artists' Various - Taneční Liga 123 in concert.

I agree that some songs and artists are kind of bad and don't even know how to sing properly, but I guess that they only want to make "party songs", which are still sometimes fun to listen. Personally, I tend to think that artists from the Dubus - Zelany Rashoho - Head & Lines Kingdom seems to be better and I've got many favourites from there.

Lol that's why I don't listen to the radio anymore. With the exception of very few artists for example Eminem. Ye he may write about bitches and stuff here and there but at least his songs have meaning. I haven't relied on the radio for my music for more than 30 years. You need to listen to a few thousand bands first before you can make a legitimate opinion about music of different eras, at 16 you haven't come close, by a long shot!

Intermission - DJ Doomz - Some Terrible Music Made By Some Terrible Person can't just say all music today is horrible. Listen to the type of music you like and let everyone else listen to the auto-tuned same beat noise if they want to. But i respect your opinion. I agree. My younger sister listens to all of that bs. I'm 16 too and love Foo Fighters. Stock up on winter home essentials. Get your last minute gifts!

More holiday gift inspiration. Why is today's music so damn terrible? Answer Save. That's only your opinion. Jonathan the Zombie Lv 6. Captain Perry 6 years ago Report. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Awesome Possum! There's an artist named Betty Who who is awful.

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