Masquerade / Why So Silent... - Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Phantom Of The Opera

Label: Polydor - 831 273-2 Y-2,Polydor - 831 273-2 • Format: 2x, CD Album, Club Edition, Reissue • Country: US • Genre: Stage & Screen • Style: Musical
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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. You must enable javascript to view this page. This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. Firmin M'sieur Andre! Firmin Quite a night! I'm impressed! Firmin What a pity that the 'Phantom' Can't be here! The gauze lifts fully to reveal the staircase of the opera house. The opera ball begins. Among the GUESTS are four carrying strange percussion instruments: a monkey with cymbals, a toy soldier with a drum, a triangle, bells.

Together they play weirdly throughout Masquerade! Paper faces on parade Hide your face, So the world will Never find you! Every face a different shade Look around - There's another Mask behind you! Flash of mauve Splash of puce Fool and king Ghoul and Masquerade / Why So Silent. - Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Phantom Of The Opera Green and black Queen and priest Trace of rouge Face of beast Take your turn, take a ride On the merry-go-round In an inhuman race Eye of gold Thigh of blue True is false Who is who?

Curl of lip Swirl of gown Ace of hearts Face of clown Drink it in, drink it up Till you've drowned In the light In the sound But who can name the face? Grinning yellows, Spinning reds Take your fill - Let the spectacle Astound you!

Burning glances, Turning heads Stop and stare At the sea of smiles Around you! Seething shadows, Breathing lies You can fool Any friend who Ever knew you! Leering satyrs, Peering eyes Run and hide - But a Masquerade / Why So Silent. - Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Phantom Of The Opera will Still pursue you! Carlotta What a night! Firmin What a crowd! Firmin Makes you proud! Carlotta Watching us watching them!

Piangi Of relief! Carlotta Of delight! Firmin And we can breathe at last! Together Forever - Ωmega Vibes* - Atmosfera No more notes!

Piangi No more ghost! Firmin To our friends who are here! Firmin Three months! GIRY What a joy! MEG What a change! GIRY And what a masquerade! They clink glasses and move off. A secret engagement! Look - your Walkin - Miles Davis All Stars - Walkin bride! Just think of it! Raoul But, why is it secret? What have we to hide? You promised me. Christine No, Raoul, please don't, they'll see Raoul Won't we let them see?

It's an engagement, not a crime! Christine, What are you Afraid of? Christine Let's not argue Raoul Let's not argue Christine Please pretend Raoul I can only hope I'll Christine You will Understand In time ALL Masquerade! At the height of the activity a grotesque figure suddenly appears at the top of the staircase. With dreadful wooden steps he descends the stairs and takes the centre of the stage Phantom Why so silent, good Messieurs?

Did you think that I had left you for good? Have you missed me, good Messieurs? I have written you an opera! He takes from under his robe an enormous bound manuscript Here I bring the finished score - "Don Juan Triumphant"! A few instructions, Just before Rehearsal starts: Carlotta must Be taught to act, Not her normal trick Of strutting round the stage. And my managers Must learn That their place is in An office, not the arts. He sheaths his sword for his next target As for our star, Miss Christine Daae No doubt she'll Do her best - it's True, her voice is Good.

She knows, though, should she wish to excel She has much still to learn, If pride will Let her Return to me, her Teacher, Her teacher He reaches out, grasps the chain that holds the secret engagement ring, and rips it from her throat Your chains are still mine - Spoken you belong to me! Nominate as Song of the Day.

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