Neophytes - 1/6 - Inbox:The E.Prelude To Electronic Mail

Label: Pang Productions - none • Format: CD EP • Country: Australia • Genre: Hip Hop •
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VTEC allows the engine to have two camshaft profiles to which it can switch to depending on how the vehicle is being used. Low RPM optimized camshafts are more logical for day to day driving as it provides quick acceleration at low speeds as well as better fuel economy. Optimizing for high RPMs is more aggressive and is often used for racing only.

Optimizing for high RPMs mean that your engine would burn a lot more fuel and is less responsive at low speeds. But this is more than made up by greater power at high RPMs which can easily translate into a much higher top speed. VTEC achieves this by switching profiles electronically depending on other factors. The factors that the VTEC engine uses to decide when to switch profiles can range from the speed of the vehicle, the RPM of the engine, among other things.

VTEC engines on the other hand are exclusive to Honda and the vehicles that they make. Other car makers do have other technologies that emulate the capabilities of VTEC in their vehicles but these are under a different name.

VTEC engines give you better flexibility and can suit your needs adequately. Although VTEC engines may cost you a little bit more initially, it can recover the extra cost that you paid for it in Annes Song - Poems For Laila - Frühstück In Budapest savings, especially with the rapidly rising fuel costs of today.

Cite Ben Joan. May 26, Not necessarily, a vtec Neophytes - 1/6 - Inbox:The E.Prelude To Electronic Mail can be single cam or dual cam, the way vtec changes profiles is by building Neophytes - 1/6 - Inbox:The E.Prelude To Electronic Mail in the engine not by literally changing cams. If I have it changed to a V-tec engine, can it be done utilizing the existing wiring harness, and the existing ECU??

The 1. The difference is in the head, cams, ecu operation and the vtec actuator assembly on the side of the head. The cams have a bigger lobe sandwiched between 2 smaller lobes and its easy to tell. The computer actuated the variable timing on the vtec assembly, which causes the bigger cam lobes to start working. Blocks are the same for non and vtec.

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