Sacrilege - Desaster - Stormbringer

Label: Night Birds Records - SUNSET XVII • Format: Cassette Single Sided, EP, Reissue • Country: Ukraine • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash, Black Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Some bands use EPs for unspeakable experiments and confront the listener with "freaky" stuff. Other groups just want to make money by releasing an EP with a well-known studio song, its demo version and a live version that was recorded in the middle of nowhere and, of course, overdubbed in the studio.

The greatest and most mendacious idiots call themselves "fan-friendly" and add an inaudible outtake as a so-called "bonus". Desaster are different. They are not stingy with new compositions and, what is Lucky Lisp - Morrissey - Bona Drag, these songs are excellently done. Four tunes are brand new, if one takes the outro into account - but more about that later.

First of all I would like to emphasize Indo - Various - Saint Heron solid production after the sound catastrophe of the debut.

This time there is nothing to grumble. The visual appearance fits, too. The fantastic cover motif is flanked by tastefully full colour pictures of castle ruins. Thus, this digipack impresses with its love of detail. Returning to the songs I Sublime Wizardry - Sublime Intervention to start with "Sacrilege". I know, it sounds like an empty phrase, but this compact and tight outbreak of aggression will break your neck.

The merciless riffs, the memorable chorus, the way this piece comes quickly to the point - everything matches exactly. Those of us who find their fulfillment in songs of greater complexity might prefer the opening title track.

Indeed, a comprehensible choice, because "Stormbringer" successfully combines harsh up-tempo parts with some quiet notes. I particularly appreciate the dynamic double bass drum that leaves its imprint. As shown in their booklet, Desaster call the music on this output "traditional black metal", but I think it still has a large proportion of thrash. This is proven by Kapitán - Various - Starci A Klarinety tradition-conscious choice of the Kreator cover "Tormentor" which sounds great without being really essential.

And additionally, there are the typical medieval elements again, even if only shown in the atmospheric outro. Therefore, the bottom line is that these defenders of the metal faith have stayed right on track - and this is good to know. The Stormbringer E. It is notable in that it features a full line-up, eliminating the need for a session drummer.

The music is a little more straightforward than on their debut album, though keeping in the same vein. The song features tremolo riffs and blasting drums alternating with sections that possess more of a Speed Metal feel, somewhat due to the overall rhythm and songwriting approach. Okkulto's voice is as raw as ever, seeming quite unrestrained and filled with hatred.

The atmosphere takes on a more epic tone, near the middle, with the introduction of a new melody. This track sounds as if it could have been a holdover from the previous album, as it would have fit in perfectly.

As the song comes to an Sacrilege - Desaster - Stormbringerthe intense riffs give way to a calm acoustic piece. The next song still maintains some of the same feeling. There is a nice old school guitar solo, later on, that adds a lot to the song. This is another example of why solos should not be abandoned. This track is shorter and more direct than the previous one, and is a good representation of this release as a whole. In fact, this sounds as if it could have come out a decade earlier, between the songwriting and the ugly production.

It is clear enough to hear what is going on, but does not sound modern at all. This is followed by "Face of Darkness", which almost sounds similar to early Bethlehem or Paragon Belial, in the opening moments. As soon as the tremolo riffs transition to the more Sodom-inspired Thrash, this sense is completely lost.

There are slower parts that help add a bit of darkness to the atmosphere, but this does not last long. Sacrilege - Desaster - Stormbringer most unique thing about this track is the lengthy ending, which hearkens back to the old days, with the multiple false finishes.

Their tribute to the past continues with a filthy rendition of Kreator's "Tormentor", a favourite for many fans. The primitive and barbaric vibe of the original is maintained, as they opted to remain loyal to the version that appeared on Endless Pain. One can hardly tell that it is a different band, other than the vocals. The final song is "Emerging Castleland", which is an instrumental that is Sacrilege - Desaster - Stormbringer line with the material from the first full-length, possessing a sort of medieval feeling and serves as a nice way to wrap up this release.

Though the rhythm seems to be more upbeat, the actual feeling of the song is kind of dismal. Stormbringer is not essential, though the title track ensures that it is not so easily dismissed, either.

Otherwise, there is not much here that can not be found on the albums that precede and follow. Its strongest appeal may be for those who prefer the original vocalist, or Sacrilege - Desaster - Stormbringer for the Sacrilege - Desaster - Stormbringer that it is a decent slab of Teutonic Metal that upholds the old style.

For anyone into the older albums from the likes of Kreator, Sodom and Destruction or even newer bands like Aura Noir and Nifelheimthis will not disappoint. Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

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