Scritti Politti + Miles Davis - Oh Patti


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I ended up buying the lot with another guy for forty bucks—an insanely great deal even if there was a ton of dross in the mix. Pretty good! The quality is noticeably high if also noticeably far more MOR than the cuts that had Scritti Politti + Miles Davis - Oh Patti them so distinctive in the period before The main figure of Scritti Politti was named Green Gartside, a six-foot-six Welshman who as a teenager had been a member of the Young Communist League.

Similar to David Byrne, perhaps, Gartside was a new waver notable for his high intellect, a trait signaled by the name he chose for his production company—Jouissance Ltd. Including his own stuff. And that showed someone who Part 1 - Mo Bang 4 Ya Buck* - Got Videos?

Vol. 2 Still Makin Niggaz Famous (DVDr) did know where he was at. A lot of people thought he had lost it but not at all. He was also very into hip-hop and into listening to himself very critically.

I made no effort. He rang me first and kept on ringing. It was strange. Cos he had a very progressive He was interesting, and he told me that as far as his interest in me and my work went, he liked the attention to detail and the whole approach to vocals and Scritti Politti + Miles Davis - Oh Patti reminded him of some Latin American music that had interested him years before. In a way that like, I guess he played very often. So yeah we had some interesting discussions about that kind of stuff.

Email Address. For some reason, Miles Davis was super into Scritti Politti. Miles Davis. Scritti Politti. Green Gartside. Posted by Martin Schneider.


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