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Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a American science fiction film directed by Robert Wise and based on the television series Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberrywho also served as its producer. It is the first installment in the Star Trek film seriesand stars the cast of the original television series.

In the film, set in the s, a mysterious and immensely powerful alien cloud known as V'Ger approaches Earth, destroying everything in its path. Admiral James T. When the original television series was canceled inRoddenberry lobbied Paramount Pictures to continue the franchise through a feature film. The success of the series in syndication convinced the studio to begin work on the film in A series of writers attempted Where Have All The Good Times Gone ?

- Charlie Musselwhite - Tell Me Where Have All The Good Times G craft a "suitably epic" script, but the attempts did not satisfy Paramount, who scrapped the project in Paramount instead planned on returning the franchise to its roots, with a new television series titled Star Trek: Phase II.

The box office success of Close Encounters of the Third Kindhowever, convinced Paramount that science fiction films other than Star Wars could do well, so the studio canceled production of Phase II and resumed its attempts at making a Star Trek film. With the cancellation of Phase IIwriters rushed to adapt its planned pilot episode, "In Thy Image", into a film script. Constant revisions to the story and the shooting script continued to the extent of hourly script updates on shooting dates. The Enterprise was modified inside and out, costume designer Robert Fletcher provided new uniforms, and production designer Harold Michelson fabricated new sets.

Jerry Goldsmith composed the film's score, beginning an association with Star Trek that would continue until When the original contractors for the optical effects proved unable to complete their tasks in time, effects supervisor Douglas Trumbull was given carte blanche to meet the film's December release date. The film came together only days before the premiere; Wise took the just-completed film to its Washington, D. Released in North America on December 7,Star Trek: The Motion Picture received mixed reviews, many of which faulted it for a lack of action scenes and over-reliance on special effects.

InWise oversaw a director's cut for a special DVD release of the film, with remastered audio, tightened and added scenes, and new computer-generated effects. In the 23rd century, a Starfleet monitoring station, Epsilon Ninedetects an alien force, hidden in a massive cloud of energy, moving through space toward Earth.

The cloud easily destroys three of the Klingon Empire 's new K't'inga -class warships and the monitoring station en route. On Earth, the starship Enterprise is undergoing a major refit; its former commanding officer, James T. Starfleet dispatches Enterprise to investigate the cloud entity as the ship is the only one in intercept range, requiring its new systems to be tested in transit.

Citing his experience, Kirk takes command of the ship, angering Captain Willard Deckerwho had been overseeing the refit as its new commanding officer.

Testing of Enterprise ' When The Machines Rock - Tubeway Army - Replicas new systems goes poorly; two officers, including the Vulcan Enterprise science officer Sonakare killed by a malfunctioning transporterand Bishop - Yakine - Cicero calibrated engines nearly destroy the Enterprise.

Kirk's unfamiliarity with the ship's Machine Dreams - Shotz - O.T History Special systems increases the tension between him and Decker, who has been temporarily demoted to Star Trek (Techno - Maxi) - Various - Torino Disco Vol.

10 officer. Commander Spock arrives as a replacement science officer, explaining that while on his home world undergoing a ritual to purge all emotion, he felt a consciousness that he believes emanates from the cloud, and was unable to complete the ritual because Whatd I Say (live) - The Rabbits - Looking In The Universe human half felt an emotional connection to it.

Enterprise intercepts the energy cloud and is attacked by an alien vessel within. A probe appears on the bridge, attacks Spock and abducts the navigator, Ilia. She is replaced by a robotic replicaanother probe sent by "V'Ger" to study the crew. Decker is distraught over the loss of Ilia, with whom he had a romantic history. Spock takes a spacewalk to the alien vessel's interior and attempts a telepathic mind meld with it. In doing so, he learns that the vessel is V'Ger itself, a living machine.

At the center of the massive ship, V'Ger is revealed to be Voyager 6a 20th-century Earth space probe believed Fly Free (Full On Beard Remix) - Various - Strictly Underground - The Re-Mixed Compilation in a black hole.

The damaged probe was found by an alien race of living machines that interpreted its programming as instructions to learn all that can be learned and return that information to its creator.

The machines upgraded the probe to fulfill its mission, and on its journey, the probe gathered so much knowledge that it achieved consciousness. Spock realizes that V'Ger lacks the ability to give itself a purpose other than its original mission; having learned what it could on its journey home, it finds its existence meaningless. Before transmitting all its information, V'Ger insists that the Creator come in person to finish the sequence.

Everyone realizes humans are the Creator. Decker offers himself to V'Ger; he merges with the Ilia probe and V'Ger, creating a new form of life that disappears into another dimension. With Earth saved, Kirk directs Enterprise out to space for future missions. David Gautreaux, who had been cast as Xon in the aborted second television series, cameos as Branch, the commander of the Epsilon 9 communications station.

The show was never a hit with network executives, and the show's low Nielsen ratings bolstered their concerns. When the show was canceled, owner Paramount Pictures hoped to recoup their production losses by selling the syndication rights.

The show developed a cult followingand rumors of reviving the franchise began. The movie was to have been set before the television series, showing how the crew of the Enterprise met. By June 30, he had produced what he considered an acceptable script, but studio executives disagreed. The object turns out to be a super-advanced computer, the remains of a scheming race who were cast out of their dimension.

Kirk wins out, the entity returns to its dimension, and the Enterprise crew resumes their voyages. The basic premise Star Trek (Techno - Maxi) - Various - Torino Disco Vol. 10 scenes such as a transporter accident and Spock's Vulcan ritual were discarded, but later returned to the script. Ellison's story had a snake-like alien race tampering with Earth's history to create a kindred race; Kirk John Holt - No Man Is An Island with his old crew, but they are faced with the dilemma of killing off the reptilian race in Earth's prehistory just to maintain humanity's dominance.

When Ellison presented his idea, Front 242 - 06:21:03:11 Up Evil executive suggested that Ellison read Chariots of the Gods? By OctoberRobert Silverberg had been signed to work on the screenplay along with a second writer, John D. Blackwhose treatment featured a black hole that threatened to consume all of existence.

The original Star Trek cast—who had agreed to Star Trek (Techno - Maxi) - Various - Torino Disco Vol. 10 in the new movie, with contracts as-yet unsigned pending script approval—grew anxious about the constant delays, and pragmatically accepted other acting offers while Roddenberry worked with Paramount. A number of screenwriters offered up ideas that were summarily rejected. As Paramount executives' interest in the film began to wane, Roddenberry, backed by fan letters, applied pressure to the studio.

Povill was tasked with finding more writers to develop a script. Will be a big shot some day. Should be hired now while he is cheap and humble. Bryant believed he earned the screenwriting assignment because his view of Kirk resembled what Roddenberry modeled him on; "one of Horatio Nelson 's captains in the South Pacific, six months away from home and three months away by communication".

Early work was promising, and by the fall ofthe project was building momentum. During this time, fans organized a mail campaign that flooded the White House with letters, influencing Gerald Ford to rechristen the Space Shuttle Constitution the Enterprise[26] and Roddenberry and most of the Star Trek cast were present for its rollout on September 17, In it, Kirk and his crew encounter beings they Song And Czardas - Eddie Csoka And His Gypsy Orchestra* - Gypsy Moods to be the mythical Titans and travel back millions of years in time, accidentally teaching early man to make fire.

Planet of the Titans also explored the concept of the third eye. Isenberg began scouting filming locations and hired designers and illustrators. Key Star Trek (Techno - Maxi) - Various - Torino Disco Vol. 10 these were famed production designer Ken Adamwho said, "I was approached by Gene Roddenberry and we got on like a house on fire"; he was employed to design the film. They worked on designs for planets, planetary and asteroid bases, a black hole "shroud", a crystalline "super brain", and new concepts for the Enterpriseincluding interiors that Adam later revisited for the film Moonraker and a flat-hulled starship design frequently credited to McQuarrie, but which McQuarrie's own book identifies as an Adam design [27].

McQuarrie wrote that "there was no script" and that much of the work was "winging it". The first draft of the completed script was not finished until March 1,and it was described as "a script by committee" and rejected by the studio a few weeks later. Feeling it was "physically impossible" to produce a script that satisfied all parties, they left the project by mutual consent on March 18, Barry Diller had grown concerned by the direction Star Trek had taken in Planet of the Titansand suggested to Roddenberry that it was time to take the franchise back to its roots Star Trek (Techno - Maxi) - Various - Torino Disco Vol.

10 a television series. Diller planned on a new Star Trek series forming the cornerstone for a new television network. Though Paramount was loath to abandon its work on the film, Roddenberry wanted to bring many of the production staff from the original series to work on the new show, titled Star Trek: Phase II.

Producer Harold Livingston was assigned to find writers for new episodes, while Roddenberry prepared a writers' guide briefing the uninitiated on the franchise canon. Of the original cast, only Leonard Nimoy stated he would not return.

To replace Spock, Roddenberry created a logical Star Trek (Techno - Maxi) - Various - Torino Disco Vol. 10 prodigy named Xon. Since Xon was too young to fill the role of first officer, Roddenberry developed Commander William Decker, and later added Ilia. Alan Dean Foster wrote a treatment for the pilot, which Livingston turned into a teleplay. At the same time, the success of Close Encounters of the Third Kind showed Paramount that Star Wars' success at the box office could be repeated.

Cast and crew who had been hired that Monday were laid off by Friday, and construction came to a halt. Production was moved to April so that the necessary scripts, sets, and wardrobe could be upgraded. On March 28,Paramount assembled the largest press conference held at the studio since Cecil B. DeMille announced he was making The Ten Commandments. Dennis Clark Comes a Horseman was invited to rewrite the script and to include Spock, but he disliked Roddenberry, who demanded sole credit.

Livingston returned as writer, and though he also found Roddenberry unreasonable, Wise and Katzenberg convinced him to continue rewriting the script throughout production. The writers began to adapt "In Thy Image" into a film script, but it was not completed until four months after production commenced. As the intended start of filming in late spring approached, it was clear a new start date was needed.

Time was of the essence; Paramount Star Trek (Techno - Maxi) - Various - Torino Disco Vol. 10 worried that their science fiction film would appear at the tail end of a cycle, now that every major studio had such a film in the works. We had a marvelous antagonist, so omnipotent that for us to defeat it or even communicate with it, or have any kind of relationship with it, made the initial concept of the story false. Here's this gigantic machine that's a million years further advanced than we are.

Now, how the hell can we possibly deal with this? On what level? As the story developed, everything worked until the very end. How do you resolve this thing? If humans can defeat this marvelous machine, it's really not so great, is it? Or if it really is great, will we like those humans who do defeat it?

Should they defeat it? Who is the story's hero anyway? That was the problem. We experimented with all kinds of approaches


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