The End Of Time And Space Like We Used To Know It Is After You Have Finished Your Tea Approximately

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Download The End Of Time And Space Like We Used To Know It Is After You Have Finished Your Tea Approximately

My Account. Remember Me? Derrick Harriott - Let It Whip an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 12 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Last Jump to page:. Why Not Use The Vindicaar? Okay so why can't the alliance use the vindicaar to space destroy the horde? At that destroy the Banshee Queen from space. We have a space ship so use it! If we used it the horde would be like we sorry bro.

Reply With Quote. Why would they do it now when they're not at war currently? Originally Posted by Endus. Originally Posted by Kangodo. Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock. Originally Posted by Mysterymask. So one person orchestrating a war to get both sides soldiers killed makes the entire faction evil but mass genocide is ok?

Seems legit. The alliance has a history of wiping out innocents so it would fit with the lore for sure. Originally Posted by Lansworthy. Originally Posted by DirtyCasual. There's no point in saying this, even if you slap them upside down and inside out with the truth, the tin foil hat brigade The End Of Time And Space Like We Used To Know It Is After You Have Finished Your Tea Approximately continue to believe the opposite. Originally Posted by Cerus.

Originally Posted by komlit. His acts are his angels, good or ill, While his fatal shadows walk silently beside him. People bitching about Jaina bringing a ship she dredged up from the Ocean to Lordaeron but no one wondering why the Vindicaar wasn't used to just glass the whole place from the air. Or role up on Orgrimmar with the rebels.

Because Blizzard needs to retain some vestige of "power balance" between the Alliance and Horde. Just like how, suddenly, the Alliance lost "too many" to provide an army to assault Orgrimmar, despite winning the battles in Dazar'alor, Arathi, and Darkshore, and their only loss Bakelite - Krx-Va - Black Box N (DVD) some warships out in the middle of the ocean while chasing Nathanos.

Do not dwell on petty detail. For all of these things melt away and drift apart within the obscure traffic of time. Live well and live broadly.

You are alive and living now. Now is the envy of all of the dead. Originally Posted by Wells. Originally Posted by rhorle.

I am going to guess it is just something with the weapons. We see the lightforged deployed during the Drustvar assaults. So they still have "beaming" technology.

The matrix core could have been damaged or burn out which is causing the weapons and stuff to not really work. Or the lightforged simply have principles on orbital bombardment. It would be nice if they would at least explain it even if it is hand wave phrase. The main deflector ray was damaged by a bombing run when the Vindicaar Soared over Yavin 4. Fareesa Janeway managed to repaired the teleporter room, but the gun was beyond saving. Live long and prosper.

Same reason we don't toss nukes at every country that we're at war with. This is a signature, there are many like it, but this one is mine. Originally Posted by BB8. Originally Posted by Lolites. Learning To Kill (School-Warfare) - Various - The Complete Threedom Series (File) Posted by Crazozourus.

Simple reason. Vindicaar doesn't belong to the Alliance. It's a Naaru ship commanded by Velen. It's like saying - why Pfung It - Pawas & Jalebee Cartel - Rapchik EP don't use the Tempest Keep and bomb us. Because the hack writers at Blizzard forgot to write it out of the story and just pretend that it doesn't exist, since actually using a flying vessel capable of interstellar space flight, beaming and orbital bombardment is like the most broken shit you can have in your medivial fantasy story.

It should never have been written into the story in the first place or it's fuel should have at least been expended during our fight from the seat of the pantheon. They had the perfect chance to damage it with Sargeras swiping at it as well Last edited by Haidaes; at AM. Because the Alliance would win and Blizzard won't let that happen. Also, it'd be an example of Good-aligned characters using something they have to win which is a double no. Paladin Bash has spoken.

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