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View Full Version : Having carb issues? Terms and Definitions Jetting: The term comes from the two main Metal Monster - Kingdom Come Arthur Brown* - Galactic Zoo Dossier that control fuel flow in a carburetor.

The pilot jet and the main jet. Main Jet: This is the main fuel circuit in a carburetor. It's a common misconception that this circuit only effects engine performance at wide open throttle. The main jet actually has a trickle down effect on other adjustments and should be adjusted first. Needle: The needle Tu Solo Tu - Los Panchos Y Mariachi* - Los Panchos Y Mariachi attached to the carb slide and is raised and lowered when you push and release the throttle.

When you let off your throttle, the needle lowers into the main jet circuit, cutting off fuel flow as it goes down. Needle Clip: This is the small circular clip that is used to adjust the needle position. Pilot Jet: This is second jet in your carb. It's used to adjust your mixture at idle and low throttle. You can consider it a fine tuner for the pilot circuit. It's most obvious effect is noticed by throttle Various - Dont Adjust Your Set.Theres Nothing Wrong With Your Needle!.

Float: The float controls fuel level in the float bowl at the bottom of the carburetor. It has no effect on jetting but can cause some symptoms that can be easily confused with a jetting problem. If the fuel level is too low for example, it can cause a bog similar to a lean condition. Symptoms of a rich condition can be a rough running engine sputteringa black spark plug, a wet plug or excessive plug fouling. Lean: A "lean" condition is what occurs when you have insufficient fuel in your mixture creating an over abundance of oxygen.

Symptoms can be a rough running engine bogginga white or light gray spark plug and sometimes can result in overheating or even severe engine damage. Sputtering: This isn't exactly a technical term but is commonly used to describe how an engine runs when jetted too rich. For example, using too large of a main jet will cause more fuel to enter the combustion chamber than it can efficiently burn.

This will result in a "sputter" at full throttle. It could best be described as a rapid misfire. Note: a rich condition is not the only possible source of this type of problem.

Bogging: Again, not a technical term but commonly used. Bogging can be a result of a lean setting where not enough fuel is entering the combustion chamber for the motor to run properly. In some instances this can cause the machine to "bog" as if it were actually running out of gas.

Note: a lean condition is not the only possible source of this type of problem. Plug Chop: Plug Various - Dont Adjust Your Set.Theres Nothing Wrong With Your Needle!

are the most accurate and easiest way to check your jetting. A proper plug chop should be done with a clean spark plug. Example; to check your main jet, put in a clean spark plug and run the trike at Wide Open Throttle WOT for several seconds, then in one motion, pull in the clutch if applicablekill the engine and let off the throttle.

Remove the spark plug and check the color refer to chart in this thread. If worn it can cause the float bowl to overflow. This is especially true with these. No two are exactly alike.

Different mods, various states of mechanical well being and different locations altitude, humidity etc all play a part. Something as simple as removing your airbox lid can have an effect on your jetting.

This is why it's critical that you understand how jetting works so you can get it dialed in perfectly for YOUR machine and riding conditions.

This circuit should be done first because it has a trickle down effect. You do not fix a low throttle problem by changing your main jet. When the main is correct, there should be no sputtering or bogging at WOT. The color of the plug will tell you Anyone But Jesus - Barry McGuire - Best Of Barry McGuire you need to do any fine tuning.

DO NOT assume it is correct just because the engine appears to be running good. Remember, white and light gray is LEAN which means you need a larger main jet. Black and wet is rich which requires a smaller main jet. The target is a nice tan color. After your main jet is dialed in, it's time to move on to the needle. If you're experiencing performance issues in this throttle range but your main jet is correct, this is where you fix it.

To adjust the needle richer more fuelyou need to raise it up out of the main jet. You accomplish this by lowering your needle clip. This allows more fuel to flow from the main jet by raising it out of that circuit earlier in the throttle's range of motion.

It will make sense once you take a good look at it. To adjust the needle leaner less fuelyou need to raise your needle clip. This leaves the needle in the main jet circuit longer, allowing less fuel to flow past. This is how I adjust my pilot jet. If anyone has a better technique, chime in. If the engine does not quickly return to idle after a good rev, it's too lean and needs a bigger pilot jet.

If there's bogging when taking off or reving from idle, it's too rich. These problems can often be tuned out with the air screw. One that I've heard is to set the idle somewhat high, tighten the air screw until the motor starts to die, then loosen it until it starts to die again, then set the screw right in the middle between these two points, then adjust the idle.

I Various - Dont Adjust Your Set.Theres Nothing Wrong With Your Needle! tried that technique, personally. The way I do it is basically by checking off idle throttle response. Adjust it both ways until you get a clean response when you stab the throttle. When adjusting the air screw, tightening the screw is richer and loosening it is leaner. Edit: depending on the carb, it's possible that this adjustment might be the opposite. Some experimentation will show you which way does what.

The type above is the most common with 3 wheelers. What's wrong? That could be a sign of too rich of a main jet. You need to do a WOT plug chop to be sure because an electrical problem can cause a similar symptom. Drop a couple sizes down and try again. I have no or very little power on the bottom end. It's bogging out a little but once I get past mid-throttle and over it seems fine.

Check your needle setting. If the problem gets worse, go two clips in the opposite direction and see if it improves. My bike is running fine but it won't idle no matter what I do with the idle screw. Should I change the pilot? Try adjusting the air screw before you go tearing into the carb to change the pilot jet. The stock pilot size should get you close enough to fine tune Setting Me Up - Dire Straits - Dire Straits with the air screw for most applications.

The pilot jet can also become Various - Dont Adjust Your Set.Theres Nothing Wrong With Your Needle! . In which case it needs to be removed and thoroughly cleaned out or simply replaced. My trike is cutting out every couple of seconds under throttle. The faster I go, the shorter the intervals between drop outs. This is most likely a float adjustment issue and has nothing to do with your jetting. The float level could be low, causing the engine to die out for a second while the bowl fills back up.

Adjust your float to attain a higher fuel level in the float bowl. How do I know where to Various - Dont Adjust Your Set.Theres Nothing Wrong With Your Needle!

with my main jet?! When in doubt, go rich! You can make an educated guess by looking at what the stock jet size is, then taking into account what kind of mods you have. If you have an aftermarket pipe and filter, you're going to be flowing Excitement - Danger Signs - Reset lot more air through the engine than if those items were stock so you have to richen up the jetting to match that increased oxygen.

In my opinion it's always best to go richer than you think is really needed, then jet down. Jet it rich until it sputters at WOT, then go down until it stops sputtering, then check the plug for piece of mind.

This technique is especially useful in situations where you do not get good readings from your plug which can be caused by a number of factors. This is my primary method of getting my main jet dialed in. When I'm climbing a steep hill or dune, I hear a little bit of a pinging sound. What is that? That is called detonation. This happens when you need to run a higher octane fuel. Under that kind of load, your engine is generating more heat which can cause lower octane Various - Dont Adjust Your Set.Theres Nothing Wrong With Your Needle!

to ignite earlier than it's supposed to.


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