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Label: The Golden Pathway - GPV024 Volume 24 • Format: CDr Album, Limited Edition, Stereo • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock
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Also the whole song is talking about how when he found Devon he felt like the devil was telling him to "give up your life and take your place inside the fire with her" meaning kill himself and join her in hell.

I just wanted to add to your answer that "Devon" was actually his ex girlfriend. They had dated twice. The first time they dated they kept it secret from this may be backwards but "Devon" 's parents David finally convinced her to tell her parents and they did not approve and the relationship ended.

They met up a few years later and they started dating again, however "Devon" had a drug problem and a few other problems and David tried his best to help her and do everything he could to save her. Cobwebs - Number 4 Joystreet - The Devon Fire eventually couldn't take it anymore and he ended the relationship. Shortly after "Devon" killed herself. Her parents blamed David for her death and never for gave him. This is a quote taken from an interview he gave:.

The idea for the song came from when I was at her funeral, and I was actually standing over her. It was the first time that I had actually seen a dead body in an open casket, and I was overwhelmed with Bouncing Soul - Strongbow - Chained of guilt at the Cobwebs - Number 4 Joystreet - The Devon Fire even though she had already been on a path of self-destruction long before I had ever known her.

I had this image of The Devil speaking to me from over my shoulder, trying to compel me to take Cobwebs - Number 4 Joystreet - The Devon Fire own life as well so that I could still be with her in the afterlife. So that spoken voice in the song is meant to be The Devil trying to compel me to commit the act. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Am Seidenen Faden - Tim Bendzko - Am Seidenen Faden in Online Music. Who is Devon from inside the fire by disturbed? We are all glad he didn't I just wanted to add to your answer that "Devon" was actually his ex girlfriend. This is a quote taken from an interview he gave: DRAIMAN: That song was unfortunately written about a suicide that I had to deal with, where a girlfriend of mine had taken her own life.

The imagery that goes through your mind when you're in that state of depression will shock you. Inside the Fire by Disturbed is about David Draiman's childhood girlfriend who commited suicide. In the song, the devil is saying that the only way for David to meet Devon again is if he takes his own life so he can be with her in hell. Asked in Music Genres What is the song inside the fire by Disturbed about?

It's about David Draiman's ex girlfriend who commited suicide. Asked in Music What are some songs by Disturbed with no cussing? Asked in Music Genres Has disturbed won a Grammy? Asked in Music Genres Is the band disturbed satinist?

Asked in Music Genres Good rock songs from through ? Asked in Domestic Dogs How does a fire dog help after a fire? Well a fire dog doesn't help after a fire, After the fire they go back inside the fire truck.

But when the fire is happening they go inside and usually save humans from the fire. Asked in Ecosystems Cobwebs - Number 4 Joystreet - The Devon Fire is ecosystem disturbed? An ecosystem can be disturbed in many ways. It can be affected by fire, flood and other similar natural disasters It can be affected by human intervention, for example logging, overkilling of animals, and etc.

Asked in Artemis Diana What was inside the temple of Artemis? We do not know because many things were disturbed or removed over the years. Inside the Fire - song - was created in Asked in Animal Life What happens if a beehive is disturbed? Pioneer species are the first organisms that move into a disturbed environment.

Specifically, an environment can be disturbed through human or natural intervention. An example of human intervention includes construction and logging sites. An example of natural intervention typically involves fire. Asked in Cooking Equipment Why gas inside cylinder does not catch fire when you lit burner attached to cylinder? Because fire needs oxygen to burn and there is no oxygen inside the cylinder. It is almost impossible for the gas inside to catch Cobwebs - Number 4 Joystreet - The Devon Fire.

Asked in Celebrities What nicknames does Devon Lachapelle go by? Devon Lachapelle goes by Devon. Asked in Fire Extinguishers Is what is inside fire extinguishers edible? No, the chemicals inside fire extinguishers are not food grade. If you need to put out a fire and spray food, you should throw the food away. Asked in Slipknot Are there any love songs by slipknot or disturbed?

Slipknot recorded Vermilion Pt. Disturbed doesn't have We Got To Be Together - Wailing Souls - Wild Suspense love songs so far Actually yes Disturbed do have love songs but they are about breakup and how much really do love the person.

They are on Disturbed's new album Asylum. An example of one is The Infection. No, Disturbed has never done a song by that title. Asked in Celebrities What is the birth name of Devon Elizabeth? Devon Elizabeth's birth name is Devon Spencer. Asked in Example Sentences How do you use the word disturbed in a sentence? There are some examples I was disturbed when I saw that graphic video That part of the movie disturbed me greatly.

We have disturbed the spirit in this house. Asked in Funerals What is a funeral fire? A funeral fire is when you have a funeral but there is fire inside the funeral.

They use it to make a sign to god. Asked in Neuroscience, Nerves What is the effect when the neuron will not fire? Then the signal will not be sent. The entire chain leading from the CNS to wherever it's going will be disturbed and will come to a halt. How can you have fire under water? Inside the Holland tunnel. Inside a submerged submarine. Asked in Airports Is there an airport in Devon?

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